Saturday, December 11, 2010

MARK FREE - Hidden Treasures Vol.6 'The Early Years'

MARK FREE - Hidden Treasures Vol.6 The Early Years
I was finishing my own Mark / Marcie Free compilation (apart from the Plattenpapst series) when another reader of the blog contacted me.
He wants to share with us all his private collection of hard to find M. Free stuff.
Giles Lavery (that's his name) from Australia, gently sent me a great bunch of rare tracks only available long time ago on Free's website; her personal 'Vault'.

Half of the tracks in this new volume comes from Giles, including very early Marcie recordings, and some of the awesome jingle ads she did in the '80s. All with quite good sound.
I've cleaned, edited and de-noised when needed to get the best audio quality possible.
Myself made artwork following the 'Plattenpapst standards' to make these series homogeneous.
Don't miss this, it's a great one. Thanks Giles!
At least 3 volumes (with more rarities) in the making... coming soon.

MARK FREE demo rarities The Early Years

MARK FREE - Hidden Treasures Vol.6


David Van Zant said...

Genial!! Esta no me la esperaba
Muchas gracias! ^^

plattenpapst said...

Hey camelblue - now we see: It works! "Our" compilation turns out to become (maybe) the greatest collection of Mark Free - Songs! Thanx to all who supported the "Project", especially to Giles. I'm looking forward to these new volumes of "Hidden Treasures"!

Camelblue said...

@ plattenpapst :
I told you... These series are are getting great acceptance.
3841 global downloads and counting.

THANK YOU for your hard work

Anonymous said...

Camelblue muchas gracias por estas magnificas colecciones de temas del genial M. Free.
Quisiera saber si puedes conseguir unos temas de la etapa de SIGNAL, segun el propio M. Free hay varios temas que quedaron fuera del "Loud & Clear" como fueron "Runaway", "You and I need Love" y la versión en estudio del "No one gets out alive", tambien mencionó un tema que se grabó para lo que iba a ser el segundo album, se trata del "What goes up", a ver si pudieras conseguir estos temas.

Camelblue said...

@ Anonymous:
La proxima vez deja tu nick/nombre por favor.
La versión en estudio del "No one gets out alive" estara presente en los proximos volumenes como asimismo 2 versiones diferentes de "You and I need Love".
Los otros dos tracks que mencionas desconozco si existiran. Debiria chequear mis archivos, tal vez esten con diferentes nombres. Es un trabajo terrible identificar las canciones, las hay dupicadas, con diferente sonido, cortadas, etc...

Miguel Angel said...

Muchísimas gracias Camel, entrar en tu blog es como recibir un regalo de Navidad cada vez, es increible que labor estás/estais realizando. Es una alegría pasarme por aqui cada día y disfrutar con todas estas compilaciones de Mark Free que estais compartiendo.

Un fuerte abrazo

Miguel Angel

Anonymous said...

Thanks, from Greece...

DieHard15 said...

this collec tion is my personal fav of mark free the song are classic rock fused but mark frees takes from emotional ballad to fun songs especially rolling stone i like to rock out to that one in the weight room and dance to wrong way wrong love i have no idea when he did those 2 songs ut id say about 1984 id like to know who he wrote them with and what year they were recorded

Anonymous said...

Shame on Giles. I have been paying on her Vault for a few years to get these songs directly from Marcie. And if yo are a real fan, you don't share her most personal songs like that. She asked us everyone on the Vault to keep them to ourselves...

Camelblue said...

I respect your opinion but disagree.
All these songs have been offered for free to her fans by Marcie herself, via her website.
Later Marcie sold the package for limited time and then retired the option.
All her fans deserve to listen the demos. These compilations were made with love and respect, with a lot of work from my side, restoring the audio and enhancing the sound.