Sunday, December 26, 2010

MARK FREE - Hidden Treasures Vol.8 'Studio Session B'

MARK FREE - Hidden Treasures Vol.8 'Studio Session B'
More M. Free sessions.
Comprising great AOR tracks like "Waiting For You", "State Of Mind", "Two Hearts", poppy tunes ("Union Of The Soul", "World Of Wonder", "So Close, Yet So Far"), beautiful ballads as "You Make Me Feel Brand New", "Wishing You Could Be With Me", several 'Signal era' songs and some pretty old and good material ("Superhero", "Angel In Chains")
Most of them with really good sound quality.

Thanks again to Giles Lavery for some song contribution.
Tape cleaning, enhancing, editing & artwork by me.
Last volume, # 9; 'The Extra Mile', including rarely seen demos, coming up very soon...

MARK FREE - Hidden Treasures Vol.8 rare demos

MARK FREE - Hidden Treasures Vol.8 - option1

MARK FREE - Hidden Treasures Vol.8 - option 2


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this beautiful aor compilation,with vol.7 i think they are the best i've ever listened in many years.
Mark Free has a gift in his voice,we all know this,and his comeback with Unruly Child is a present for AOR music.
I think he is one of the greatest singer in all world music,i hope to listen new music from him in the next years.
Many thanks again.

CRISSCAT said...

Genial Camel! lo estas Hundiendo a Marcia, creo haber leido por ahi que pensaba sacar un Marciology o Freeology con seguramente todas estas cosas...BAJANDOOO!!!

Anonymous said...

It's a pitty that there will be only one more volume. This is a true source of happiness (or better saying, for making happy moments happier). Thanks a lot, best regards.

501blues said...

Another BIG "Thank you" for putting these Mark Free compilations up. What a great voice and variety of material to listen to. Very nice.

Miguel Angel said...

No mucho más que decir a todo lo dicho antes, un enorme muchas gracias, es una delicia escuchar las demos que compartes de est@ gran vocalista.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit late in discovering your wonderful blog. Thanks a lot for these awesome Mark Free demos. The work you have done here is really great. However, the link for vol.8 is dead. If you could put it up again, I'd really appreciate it.

Camelblue said...

Link works, a second option added anyway.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the second link. I got it this time. These unreleased Mark Free songs are amazing - we are so lucky that there are so many of them!

GatArg said...

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Thank you.