Sunday, January 09, 2011


My external drive and sound file processor workstation PC caught fire yesterday.
Some stuff was backed up, but more than 600 GB of rare and hard to find music are lost forever.
Please be patient with the site update...


Juba.San said...


Sorry to hear that, my friend. If there's anything I can do to help, please feel free to ask.

Rock on...

Anonymous said...

My regrets...
If there is anything you will need.. get in touch..

Your work is much appretiated!

crisscat said...

estaremos firmes al pie del cañoñ! que te recuperes pronto!!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear that. If you know what you're missing, perhaps you could post a list so that I (or others) who have those things can help you out? It's the least we can do to express our gratitude for the effort you put into your (absolutely first-rate) blog.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Your blog title made me think of two great songs of the same title - Jamie Kyle's and Orianthi's.

Happy to send one or both if you don't already have as theme music.

Anonymous 7:00PM

Di Sant said...

Oh, no!!
Feeling a lack of new postings of rarities.
We are with you, Camelblue!
This blog is great!

Di Sant

AOR Night Drive - Brazil

David Van Zant said...

Pon lista de discos que quieras recuperar y haremos todo cuanto sea posible por subirlos

bart said...

My sincere condolences my friend. We are right there with you, if you should need us.

Again, it will be a pity and curse if the loss is an irreparable one.

Pray and hope for the very best amigo!


Astroboy said...

yeah... that's toooooo bad!!

Pero todo tiene solución!! y ojalá pudiera darte una mano...

Gracias por compartir siempre material tan valioso!!

Astroboy (Argentina)

Anonymous said...

Just try to make a list of what you're missing. And we all together will try to get everything back what is missing!

Good Luck !

Camelblue said...

@ ALL:
Thank You guys!

La Autoridad Del Rock said...

Uhhh... bueno, si hay algo que tengamos los usuarios del blog que no te haya quedado no dudes en pedirlo, total fue gracias a vos que lo tenemos! Lo lamento y bueno, espero que puedas recuperar todo.

kopernikus said...

hace un tiempo me pasó algo así, un rayo, y la solución pasó por reponerlo todo, ahora tengo mejor hardware que antes y el software se recuperó con el tiempo. No hay pc que cien años dure.

Anonymous said...

oh man, my heart felt sorry for this, tell me if i can help you revive your stuffs, i've all the stuff downloaded from your site + many rare stuffs too, i know it won't be equal to your precious stuff but something is better than nothing ,
The guy from India who sees your site all the time..
Regards from India.

AorRob said...

The same thing hapend here last week a lost 3000 cd's on my external drive. Its a hell to vind everything back.

Melodic Master said...

hey man,don't sweat everyone has said already,you have given sooo much,it is time to give back to you..i have a 500 GB hard drive I can mail to you to upload stuff if you so desire,I have about 210 GB of stuff on there,let me know if that is an option for you...Best of luck,Al

Lord Pink Flower said...

Dont worry man
All together can help you.
You can count on me.
Good Luck.
Lord Pink Flower.

crisscat said...

hola Koper como estas tanto tiempo? No hay enojo que dure 100 años tampoco no?

Tim Henderson said...

Hey man,

I can get you a lot of older rare stuff I think. I have around 60,000 songs so far on my drive. I can either upload them to or mail some DVD's if it's a lot of stuff. Just let me know.

Sorry that all our worst nightmares actually happened to you!


get me at timxhenx@gmxail.cxom

but remove the x's for my real address

Tim Henderson said...

Actually, I just realized this would be much more helpful to you. I used dir2html to create a file showing all the music I have (in my Christian folder, anyway), so you can just see what you might want instead of having to think of everything one by one. I would recommend anyone else who wants to help to do this too.

dir2html (freeware) -

My music directory -

Tim said...

Okay, now I feel like an idiot! I just emailed you a list of my Christan rock folder - I thought I was on a different blog! Dude - I am so sorry to confuse you! I have some good old AOR tunes too but now you probably don't want to have anything to do with me!


Camelblue said...

@ ALL:
Thank You for the help offered!
I'm working on a new workstation right now...

Anonymous said...



supportguy said...

i feel a bit sorry.. you had to share/upload that music to other people.. so you can easily restore your files in situation like this one.. torrents are the best way to do this..
anyway, talking about your hard drive - i can try to fix it for free, but it depends on the type of damage.. can you upload some photos of your dead hard drive?

Camelblue said...

@ supportguy :
Thanks for the offer!
I am a techie guy too (programmer) and managed to recover some stuff (40%) already. The rest is dead.
And the burned HD in the trash can haha.
Unfortunately the lost material isn't available on any torrent nor the web.

I really appreciate your help offer.
You guys rock!

supportguy said...

no problem.. it's good to hear that you have (partially) solved this problem! i was thinking about replacing pcb n stuff.. anyway, thank you too for uploading such great soundtrack packs!