Tuesday, January 18, 2011

BIG CITY - pre Harlan Cage demos (1992-93)

BIG CITY Harlan Cage demos
Requested in "Request & Fill Corner" section...

Harlan Cage started its activity in the summer of 1994, based around former Fortune (US) singer L. A. Greene and keyboardman Roger Scott Craig.

The band was originally known in the Los Angeles area as BIG CITY, and included Richie Onori on drums, Brian Peters on bass and Michael Langlan on guitar.
The group parted ways at the end of '93.

An european label executive heard these Big City demos tracked down circa 1992/93 and contacted Larry Greene through a publicist in California to offer him a contract. The first Harlan Cage album found its way...
Most of the tracks (except "Restless Hearts") ended up on the debut album, re-worked and re-recorded.
But the Big City demo versions (although pretty similar) contains much better guitar work in my opinion.

The sound quality of the tape isn't the best, I've enhanced the levels and fixed the intros/outros.
Myself made artwork included.

1 - Too Much
2 - Sweet Salvation
3 - 98º In The Shade
4 - Pay The Devil His Due
5 - One Naked Kiss
6 - Run Rebel Run
7 - Restless Hearts

L.A. Greene : Lead Vocals, Guitars
Roger Scott Craig : Keyboards, Vocals
Michael Langlan : Guitars
Brian Peters : Bass
Richie Onori : Drums

BIG CITY demos


troynew said...

Fantastic front cover pic. This kind of artwork looks like the real deal.
I probably wouldn't even have noticed that Michael Langlan is a better guitarist than L.A. Greene if you hadn't pointed it out. (I see 'Restless Hearts' is the only track that ended up on 'Double Medication Tuesday'. I wonder why it didn't make the cut the first time around.)

Blogwatcher said...

Thanks a lot. Fantastic job once again. Your absolutely my hero of the day - week - year. :-)

I wonder if you have some of my soundtrack searchables as you are the soundtrack god too.
Body Slam 1986
Butterbrot 1990
Jolly Joker 1991
Son in Law (Schwiegersohn Junior)1993
Summer Catch 2001
The Allnighter 1987
The Money Pit (Geschenkt ist noch zu teuer) 1986

And I miss on Japanese Bonus Track on your compilations.
Stone Soup - Spooge - Track "Rock You"

Please keep on rockin'.
That's the most importent by the way job we can handle.

Camelblue said...

@ troynew :

@ Blogwatcher:
Glad you like it.
I have most of these, but as you may know, I don't share entire soundtracks on the blog.
Please provide an e-mail (I will delete your post later for spam reasons) and maybe...
I can help you with Stone Soup's "Rock You" as well.

bart said...

all the best camelblue, glad to see you in action again.

Anonymous said...

Muchas gracias otra vez camelbue.

Me parecen maravillosas estas demos, para mi gusto un poquito superiores a Harlan Cage a pesar de la poca diferencia, lastima el sonido...