Saturday, January 29, 2011

HOLY SOLDIER - Last Train (1992)

HOLY SOLDIER started off as a melodic 'white metal' band from Los Angeles, CA in the mid-80's.
Although initially noted for their strong evangelical focus, they regularly played to all audiences.
After several line up changes, they proceeded to record a five song demo with the goal of obtaining a secular recording contract but ended up signing with Myrrh Records, becoming the first 'white' band to join the label (and ending Myrrh’s year long search for the right metal band to sign).

The self-tiltled debut was a melodic L.A. metal album, with sharp guitars and a heavy edge.
But to their 2nd, the label and the group decided to give the sound a more polished, radio friendly approach.
"Last Train" is a smokin' commercial disc, definitely 'arena hard rock' with a bluesy touch.

In my opinion, this album remains as one of the most underrated melodic hard rock pieces from the golden period 90-92.
The songs are catchy, featuring infectious hooks, very good choruses and solid guitar work. Vocalist Steven Patrick job is remarkable, his raspy (yet melodic) style fits perfectly to this new musical direction, providing the necessary distinction to make each song climb to a higher level.
Another good point; their lyrics shifted from evangelicalism to a more ambiguous tone reaching more audiences.
David Zaffiro's production is crisp and tight, helping the band to finish a well rounded recording.

I am posting "Last Train" because it's a little gem in this genre, and strangely it's only available everywhere at very low bitrate.
Really Good

01 - Virtue & Vice
02 - Crazy
03 - Hallow's Eve
04 - Gimme Shelter
05 - Love Is On The Way
06 - Dead End Drive
07 - Tuesday Mourning
08 - Fairweather Friend
09 - Last Train

Steven Patrick : Vocals
Jamie Cramer : Guitars
Scott Soderstrom : Guitars
Andy Robbins : Bass
Terry Russell : Drums



brad said...

Cool album

SOFIA said...

What an underrated gem! Exactly the music style I love. I enjoyed track after track and I'm still enjoying it like it's new to my ears everytime. Great vocals, great guitars, very good production considering the period it was made. It reminds me of Great White at times. Excellent work!

Quique said...

Thank you for this great album...

Anonymous said...

This is a dead link. Is there another one?

Camelblue said...

Link Reposted