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THE ARROWS - Talk Talk, The Best Of The Arrows (1995)

THE ARROWS  Talk Talk The Best Of The Arrows (1995)
Canadian act The Arrows were formed in 1981 by vocalist Dean McTaggart and drummer Michael Sloski. Following the Daniel Lanois (U2) produced independent EP 'Misunderstood', the band landed a deal with a major label.
Their debut '84 "Stand Back", produced, arranged and co-written by David Tyson (Alannah Myles, Jude Cole) sold well and the band gained considerable critical praise, while the single "Meet Me In The Middle" entered the top 40 chart.

After touring UK as support act, with new bassist Glen Olive they returned to the studios for the 2nd album: "The Lines Are Open" (1985).
Three singles were released and all charted in Canada, but pressures from management for an international breakout hit caused problems inside the band and they quietly went their separate ways at the end of the cross-Canada tour in 1986.

The sound of the The Arrows was basically power-pop but the approach in production and songwriting, absolutely catchy Hi-Tech / Lite AOR in the classy Canadian style.
Songs like "Say It Isn't True", "Bad Reputation", "Heart Of The City" are very close to canadians Honeymoon Suite, New Regime or Idle Eyes, "Never Be Another One", "Enough Is Never Enough" to Paul Janz, "Stand Back" and "Chains" to the more commercial Zappacosta, while "Girl In 313", "Talk Talk" or "Tell It To My Heart" sounds like the mid-eighties Rick Springfield.

In 1995, a CD compilation by the classic german label Long Island Records "Talk Talk: The Best Of The Arrows", was published in limited quantities containing their two albums minus the last track of "The Lines Are Open".
This has been the only release of Arrows music on CD, apart from the european-only release of "TLAO".

The Arrows' albums are out of print and hard to find, and leader Dean McTaggart is personally encouraging people to freely distribute this material on the net.
Good Stuff.

01 - Say It Isn't True
02 - Fallen Angel
03 - Meet Me In The Middle
04 - Never Be Another One
05 - Girl In 313
06 - Stand Back
07 - Enough Is Never Enough
08 - I Owe You
09 - Easy Street
10 - Heart Of The City
11 - Talk Talk
12 - Tell It To My Heart
13 - Bad Reputation
14 - I Can't Let Go
15 - Chains
16 - I Told You So
17 - Wild One

Dean McTaggart - vocals
Doug Macaskill - guitar
Rob Gusevs - keyboards
Earl Seymour - sax
Peter Bleakney, Howard Aye - bass (1984)
Michael Sloski - drums (1984)
David Tyson - keyboards, background vocals
Eddie Schwartz, Al Van Wart - background vocals
Glenn Olive - bass (1985)
Bobby Economou - drums (1985)
Gerald O'Brien - emulator programming (1985)
Produced by David Tyson (1984 / 85)
Mixed & Engineered by Bob Rock (1985)

THE ARROWS - Talk Talk Best Of


seitu06 said...

Please, I'm a new blogger, and fan of soundtracks, I'm looking for the title of the music you can hear on this video from 3.17 to 5.25min, I love it!!! :'(

Can you help me? =(
See you.

Anonymous said...

Cool post...

troynew said...

Yes, The Arrows were a (sadly underrated) class act. Can't say I've ever heard of New Regime though.
Are they the ones who seized power after the UN carpet-bombed Libya?

PS: Could you post a link to some of their best output in the Req & Fill area?

troynew said...


:o0 Great shades of Elvis! How did that comment end up here when I posted it in that little envelope thingy on the main blog underneath your The Arrows review?!?

By the way, I love the fact that Kevin Wells was posted 'at miximum quality'!
You can't beat those kinds of rips for (un?)clarity of sound. :oP

troynew said...

Never mind, I thought I was back in the Req & Fill corner for a moment.
I should crawl back under the sheets with a hot water bottle cause I'm clearly delirious. *insert mocking laugh here* :oS

Camelblue said...

@ troynew:
*mocking laugh here*
'miximum' corrected ;P

Camelblue said...

@ seitu06 :
That's Ennio Morricone. I can't remember the title...

seitu06 said...

PLEASE!!! Try to find it! Given that you know many soundtracks' fans, tell them, PLEASE!!!! I know that the one at 2.45 is Jan Hammer, but I want the second coming at 3.17 until 5.25. :'(

troynew said...

Dear seitu06,
Except for those who have sinned beyond redemption, I'm sure we all want the Second Coming.
But our Good Lord and Savior is unlikely to adjust his time table to accomodate your schedule.
You'll just have to wait and see with the rest of us when He and the Heavenly Host choose to swoop down from the skies and engage the forces of darkness in that two toughest kids on the block fight known as Armageddon. :o)
PS: You're right about the quality of the instrumental tune in question (doesn't sound like Morricone to me, imho it's more in the vein of the handywork of original score composers like Jan Hammer, Jay Gruska, John van Tongeren, John Murphy or some other guy whose first name starts with J). Who knew Argentinian telenovelas had such cool soundtracks? :o0

seitu06 said...

Thank you for the answer.
Why did you say the first name started with J? Do you have an idea? :'(

seitu06 said...

Could everybody help by asking for your friends? PLEASE!

troynew said...


No, not a clue, sorry. It just struck me how all these famous TV score composers have christian names starting with J.
Maybe there's some kind of conspiracy behind that fact... who knows.

Camelblue said...

@ troynew:
:) :) :) :)

@ seitu06;
Well, I think it's Enya.
Try with her albums: THE CELTS (1992), SHEPHERD MOONS (1991) and maybe WATERMARK (1988).
Also try : Vangelis - 1492 Conquest of Paradise soundtrack

seitu06 said...
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seitu06 said...

Enya at the beginning of the video, she uses her voice on her music but from 3.17 - 5.25 it's a piano only, and different of what Enya does.

AORSoundtracks said...

Hola seitu06,

Lo nombre del tema solicitado es "Love Theme From The Karate Kid", del maestro Bill Conti. Lo tema esta en la banda sonora del la peli The Karate Kid.



seitu06 said...

Muchas gracias por la respuesta, ya lo encontré hace una semana y ahora estoy buscando otro tema que es este:

harleytexas said...

Please re-up this if possible