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GO FOR IT - Go For It (1991)

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GO FOR IT was the studio project/band put together by Norwegian hi-tech-wizard Geir Olav Bokestad after the second coming of Drama (NOR) called it quits. Musically, GO FOR IT leans more towards a modern westcoast-oriented sound.

The Who-Is-Who of the scandinavian scene (this is a Norway / Sweden project) has contributed as session musician, most notably Frank Adahl (Edin-Adahl, Anita Skorgan, Ranveig Johnsen) and Egil Eldoen (Lava).

Opener "Have Some Fun" is a pure european pop/soul track. Too much naif to my tastes.
But next track "Take My Hand" has a very strong Lava / TOTO vibe, with great guitars and a smooth chorus. Very, very Good.
"Somebody" is an aorish sweet tune with acoustic guitars and charming vocals, right up the alley of bands as Aquila or Peo Pettersson, and why not, Nelson.

"I Refuse" is lovely soft ballad ala Fingerprints (posted HERE), "The Chance" reminds me the norwegians Avenue Talk and "Don't Turn Away" Egil Eldoen's solo works.
"Got To Give" has very good guitars (I mean: very good) and a muscular hi-tech american sound.
On "You've Got The Choice" the band sounds like West Of Sunset, a very cool smooth westcoast-oriented track.
There's some extremely european-pop tracks like "Change Your Last Name" or the very lame "Breakout", albeit with a distinct hi-tech hint to it.

GO FOR IT is an album impeccably performed, with some exquisite songs, perfectly recorded and produced.
Hi-Tech/Pop/Westcoast is the motto here, if you like these styles, don't miss it, as this CD version is pretty rare.
320K + artwork

01 - Have Some Fun
02 - Take My Hand
03 - Somebody
04 - I Refuse
05 - The Chance
06 - Don't Turn Away
07 - Change Your Last Name
08 - Give A Little More
09 - Got To Give
10 - You've Got The Choice
11 - Breakout
12 - Vooshame

Mark Sorrone - Lead Vocals
Roger A . Andersen - Keyboards
Geir O. Bokestad - Guitar, Keyboards
Add. Musicians:
Drums - Dennis Chambers
Bass - Garry Grainger
Synth Bass - Billy Young
Guitars - Mats Johansson
Keyboards - Billy Young, Johan Axelsson, Tom Coster
Horns - Jerry Hey, Gary Grant, Dan Higgins
Percussion - Paulinho DaCosta
Background Vocals - Egil Eldoen, Frank Adahl, Alfie Silas, Kim Hutchcroft, Jacquelyn Gouche, Gardner Cole

GO FOR IT - Norway / Sweden


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Hello, I just downloaded a good lp recording of this project but would love to get the cd rip. Any chance of reposting it?
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