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BEYOND THE BLUE Le Bolderdijk  1990
BEYOND THE BLUE is a project from the Netherlands by session guitarist & producer Le Bolderdijk [Bolland & Bolland, Robbie Valentine, Anouk, etc] and male vocalist (despite the name) Emile Den Tex [Face To Face].
This is a 'studio' band, that's clear from the first note: perfect musicianship and immaculate crisp production are the key on this album.
But also the good songs.

The style of BEYOND THE BLUE is elegant Lite AOR + european adult rock & pop + a spice of westcoast.
First track "Atlantic Summer" has a TOTO / Chicago vibe all over it, with some horns and floating synths.
"More Than Ever Before" is a jewel of a song, a captivating midtempo AOR featuring a great guitar work, subtle & precise. Emile Den Tex has a very smooth voice with a very nice color.
"Here On Our Own" and "My Town" flies to the L.A. scene, both are very good westcoast tracks with a strong groove.
The title track is a very well crafted and personal song, with clean guitars and whispering vocals.

With a track like "Home", you have a great disc. This moving and catchy Lite AOR is one of the highlights of this album.
"Intoxicated" is another good one. Slow and climatic, the keyboard / guitar ambiance fills this piece with class and distinction. Very Good.
"Bleeding Heart" has some westcoast scent, while "Another World" is an adult pop with a contagious rhythm.
Last track "Romancing The Fire" is an instrumental where Bolderdijk displays his color palette and exquisite playing. Excellent.

BEYOND THE BLUE is an unknown album / project full of class and good moments. A very pleasant listen.
Ripped @ maximum quality including artwork.
Rare & Good. Recommended.

1 - Atlantic Summer
2 - More Than Ever Before
3 - Here On Our Own
4 - Beyond The Blue
5 - Home
6 - My Town
7 - Intoxicated
8 - Only The River Knows
9 - Bleeding Heart
10 - Another World
11 - Romancing The Fire

Le Bolderdijk : Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Producer
Emile Den Tex : Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Producer
Henri Van Bergen : Drums, Percussion
Ake Danielson : Keyboards
Ton Op 't Hof : Electronic Drums
Eddy Conard : Percussion
Bolland & Bolland, Okkie Huysdens : Backing Vocals



DEEMON said...

Este é um dos maiores cds de aor/west coast que já ouvi na minha vida.É um dos que mais ouvi nos últimos tempos.great,great...100/100

Rich said...

can we get a new link please !!!!

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Unknown said...

The best AOR/Wescoast álbum of all times. A masterpiece, a bible for the gente

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