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IN REACH - Waterline (1992)

IN REACH - Waterline (1992)
Brett Williams began his career in Christian music in 1984 after he left a club band that he was performing with, and formed The Reach.
After some line-up changes they released independently 'Under The Same Sky' in 1989.
Approached by several executives, Williams eventually signed a deal with the Nashville label Star Song for a new album, changing the band's name to "IN REACH".

"Waterline", the debut under the new moniker, was critically acclaimed in CCM circles, but never reached a secular mainstream diffusion.
The style of Brett Williams and his combo is contemporary AOR in the '90s vein, pretty similar to Geoff More & The Distance, Phil Keaggy or Jude Cole.
Great melodies and harmony vocals abound, with clean guitars and keyboards complementing the songs.
Williams has one of those voices always pleasant to listen, melodious and warm, giving the songs a colorful palette.

"Waterline" was the first work of underrated guitarist David Zaffiro (Bloodgood, Whitecross, Solo) in his successful career as producer, contributing with additional six string work as well.
He has provided an organic and polished sound, with emphasis in the harmonies.
A nice and melodic CD, out of print and hard to find, ripped at maximum quality by my friend totalaor (thanks man!).
Good music my fellow readers, check below their one and only video.

01 - Waterline
02 - Faded Love
03 - My Heart
04 - The Other Fall of Cambrai
05 - God You Are
06 - River
07 - Giving Me Reasons
08 - In The In Beween
09 - Manner Of Man
10 - Not So Easy

Brett Williams - Vocals, Guitars
Scott Burell - Bass
Mike Bell - Keyboards
Vince Grant - Drums, Percussion
David Zaffiro - Add. Guitars, Producer

IN REACH - Waterline (1992)


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