Wednesday, August 10, 2011

PRICE-SULTON - Lights On (1986) CD version

PRICE-SULTON - Lights On (1986) CD version
Revamped post per request.
New file at maximum quality

Good AOR-Rock, with great hooks and soaring choruses.
These guys used to be session players, colaborating in many albums of this genre.
Their colleagues returned the favor, and very well known artists play here uncredited (Steve Stevens amongst them).
Track 2 appears in The Allnighter's soundtrack (posted earlier in my AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.3).

Very rare and hard to find album, only released in Japan on vinyl.
Per request, I am revamping this post with a very good rip from a rare bootleg CD (thanks totalaor!)

1. Shotgun Shy
2. No TV, No Phone
3. Lights On
4. Take Me Away
5. Shana
6. Something's Gonna Happen
7. Stories
8. Reckless And Wild
9. Heaven's Girl
10. Oh No

Kasim Sulton (ex-Utopian member):
Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Guitar
Thommy Price (ex-Joan Jett & The Blackhearts):
Drums, vocals, guitar
...and a bunch of well known uncredited musicians.

PRICE-SULTON - Lights On (1986) CD


Unknown said...

Hi, love the blog...some great obscure posts that I've been able to track down on vinyl..

Are you sure Price Sulton isn't available on original CD. I bought it a few years ago (japanense pressing). Looks and sounds like the real deal...

Joe said...


Camelblue said...

Well, it could be possible.
It's not common to see this kind of indie releases pressed on CD officially, but the japanese small labels (usually run by one-man-entrepreneur) can do everything...

Anonymous said...

for those who want to own it: it´s been released in Canada on vinyl (and cassette) too. got my sealed vinyl copy last year in the US for just 4 dollars.

so keep looking and eventually you´ll get it at a reasonable price.

Feefle said...

Megaupload has been removed, any way to re-upload this? Thanks

Camelblue said...


Buzzy said...

Hello Camelb the link is dead, can you please reupload it? in the meantime an original japanese CD from 1987 has surfaced! maybe you can find a rip of that vs the bootleg one? thanks.

Camelblue said...

Let me ask to some friends for the Jap version...