Friday, August 12, 2011

JANI LANE - Jabberwocky [unreleased '93] & More

JANI LANE - Jabberwocky [unreleased '93] & More
Just a little tribute to this good songwriter & singer.
These are the demos from his unreleased "Jabberwocky" album, recorded in 1993.

Audio cleaned and enhanced by me to get the best quality possible. Also, some of his lesser known recordings included.
Seems there's a definitive version of "Jabberwocky", Jami was planning to release it soon.
R.I.P. Jani Lane (born John Kennedy Oswald, February 1, 1964 – August 11, 2011).

01 - Jabberwocky pre-production - Private Blue World
02 - Jabberwocky pre-production - Very Fine Line
03 - Jabberwocky demos - Pretty On The Inside
04 - Jabberwocky demos - The Deeper End
05 - Jabberwocky demos - House Of Cards
06 - Jabberwocky demos - Private Blue World
07 - Jabberwocky demos - Unrealistic
08 - Jabberwocky demos - One More For The Road
09 - Jabberwocky demos - All You Had To Say
10 - Jabberwocky demos - Washington Square
11 - Jabberwocky demos - This Town
12 - Jabberwocky demos - Stained
13 - Jabberwocky demos - Comfortable With Sad
14 - Back Down To One demos - Nothing
15 - Back Down To One demos - Back Down To One
16 - Back Down To One demos - Twilight
17 - Back Down To One demos - Better Than You
18 - Cherry Pie (new version, acoustic)
19 - Heaven (acoustic)
20 - I Saw Red (acoustic)
21 - The Power (Gladiator OST '92)
22 - Game Of War (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adv. OST pulled-off)
23 - Pure-hearted Feelings [1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou]
24 - That's Life [his last officially released track]

JANI LANE - Jabberwocky [unreleased '93] & More


joecool said...

This is why I don't watch the news-- thanks for the shocking update, another rocker gone too soon

SOFIA said...

It's so sad when people so creative and so loved by other people feel so lonely that they decide to take their own lives... Thank you Jani for the great songs you've given us and especially for "Uncle Tom's cabin", my personal favourite. I really wish you'll find "there" the peace you always needed and couldn't find "here".
And thank you Camelblue for these demos.

Anonymous said...

I found last wednsday about his untmely death one heck of a singer and just want u to say thank u for all the great songs he leaved us,,, rest in peace jani lane.. we all goingto miss u ..

Anonymous said...

link ok
thanks for upload music of big jani lane ....rodrigvs

C. Andres A.B said...

Thanks For This