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LOVERS LANE - Chiseled In Stone (1994)

LOVERS LANE - Chiseled In Stone (1994)
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Let listen some Melodic Hard Rock to shake the body.

Lovers Lane used to rock the Sunset Blvd. circuit in the first half of the nineties, and seems they got a nourished fan base following their shows.
After a self titled cassette only release and some line-up changes, founder members guitarist Todd Fulcher and vocalist Rick Roark slightly changed the musical direction to a more straight Melodic Hard Rock.

Their auto-managed CD "Chiseled In Stone" is a really cool collection of very well composed melodic hard rock tunes. Guitars have a preponderant presence on this recording.
Although typically american, there's some late '80s euro hard rock hints into the band's sound, reminding me sometimes Germans Casanova. Specially singer Rick Roark has a tone similar to Michael Voss.
Just check the uptempo and catchy hard rockers "True Love", "That's Why" or "No Way Out" and then tell me.
Their American pedigree is shown in "Hollywood" (where the vocals reminds you a refined Vince Neil), the very melodic "So Badly", "Where Were You", or the hot "Good Girl Gone Bad", all filled with big guitars and fine choruses.
We find also some nice ballads as the acoustic/electric "Goodbye" including background keyboards, and the melodic "So In Love".

"Chiseled In Stone" is a really pleasant listen. Good songs, plenty of hooks, catchy riffs / solos and nice melodies. The production is as good as it gets for an indie release.
Much sought after by collectors, I seen copies fetching $ 130 and more.

01 - True Love
02 - Hollywood
03 - So Badly
04 - Where Were You
05 - Follow Your Heart
06 - Goodbye
07 - Lovers' Lane
08 - Is It You
09 - Good Girl Gone Bad
10 - Stay With Me
11 - No Way Out
12 - That's Why
13 - So In Love
14 - Welcome To The World

Rick Roark: Lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Todd Fulcher: Guitars, backing vocals
Chris Burden: Bass, backing vocals
Larry Rodbell: Drums, backing vocals
Ray Rodriguez: guest Keyboards

LOVERS LANE - Chiseled In Stone (1994)


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