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PETER FRAMPTON - When All The Pieces Fit (1989)

PETER FRAMPTON - When All The Pieces Fit (1989)
British Peter Frampton broke all the charts with the amazing double album 'Frampton Comes Alive'. I grew up listening this jewel, and followed his career since then.
During the '80s Peter released only four discs, being the 1986 'Premonition' my favorite, his more AOR oriented ever.

But the last of the bunch in that decade, "When All The Pieces Fit", comes close in my preferences.
This CD must be the more obscure and unknown of his discography, and strangely, unnoticed between the AOR community. Style-wise Contemporary 'adult' Rock & Pop yes, but definitively with an aorish flavor, it's a '89 album...
All this year's characteristics are here; top class session musicians, polished lush production, awesomely bright compressed drums, keyboards, 'that' Top Gun-like rhythm guitars and the obligatory melodic guitar solo.
And of course, tons of harmonic vocals.

One of my picks is the cliché (yes, cheesy, so what?) but wonderful AOR piece "Hold Tight", complete with punctuating keyboards and heavenly backing vocals. Why this track isn't listed between the best '89 songs of the genre is beyond me.
The catchy "More Ways Than One" has a great riff, the lite AORish "Holding On To You" has a commercial trademark Frampton sing-along chorus and on "My Heart Goes Out To You" Peter sounds as the good side of Steve Winwood.
"People All Over The World" reminds me Mr. Mister (don't ask me why), on "Back To The Start" Frampton rocks in his own way, playing his best guitar solo. Love the rhythm section on the latter.
"Now And Again" is another favorite, this semi-midtempo has a terrific chorus, while "This Time Around", the one and only ballad on the entire recording has a charming atmosphere.

I bet most of you never heard about this very good album awesomely produced by guru Chris Lord-Alge (one of my all time favorites).
As far I know, "When All The Pieces Fit" is not an easy CD to find, surely out of print.
Ripped at maximum quality including full artwork.

01 - More Ways Than One
02 - Holding On To You
03 - My Heart Goes Out To You
04 - Hold Tight
05 - People All Over The World
06 - Back To The Start
07 - Mind Over Matter
08 - Now And Again
09 - Hard Earned Love
10 - This Time Around

Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Synths: Peter Frampton
Bass: Nathan East
Percussion: Lenny Castro
Drums: Steve Ferrone, John "J.R." Robinson
Synthesizer: B.A. Robertson
Backing Vocals: Danny Wilde, Mark Williamson, Rick Willis

Engineer, Mixing, Producer, Synths: Chris Lord-Alge
Mastering: Bob Ludwig

PETER FRAMPTON - When All The Pieces Fit


Juba.San said...

I bought this album back in 1989 in Los Angeles. It sure is one of my all-time fav's of Peter Frampton's catalogue.

A mutst-have for any serious AOR fan,and an absolute classic!!!

troynew said...

Guess 'most of you' does not include me. It's been sitting on a shelf gathering dust since before the dawn of creation.

Juba.San said...

Well, for anyone interested, here you have the review I wrote on this album as the RECOMMENDATION OF THE WEEK, back on April 30th, 2010...

hermes birkin said...

These songs are so familiar and classic. Full of good memories. I love them.

hermes birkin said...

These songs are so familiar and classic. Full of good memories. I love them.