Thursday, September 29, 2011

AOR TREASURES - Demo Projekt Vol.1 (2011)

Got many quality demos in my collection, and some of them should have been ended in official releases by the respective artists.
So, why not start a Demo series?
If you like it, there will be more for sure.
All tracks in this first installment are really good songs in my opinion, mostly with A+ audio quality.
I have restored the files (enhance, de-hiss, channel correction, etc) for your listening pleasure.

A brief description on some of them:
House Of Lords' James Christian used to be the leader of Eyes (a group with countless members in its history) during the mid-eighties, recording flashing AOR demos, but sadly, never releasing any official material. The song featured here is awesome.
Greek AORsters Wild Rose will be finally releasing the 1st album soon. This demo is a good tune in the classic style.
The great short-lived UK band Seven only released 2 fantastic maxi-CD at the beginning of the nineties produced by John Parr, "America" is a song that never was released.
Kristina Nichols has one of those unique AOR voices. I never seen this rare demo ('88) surfacing the web. Lyrics by Nancy Krasn and Kristina Nichols. Music by Bettie Ross & Kristina Nichols. (Edwin, this is for you!)

Some years ago Swedish wiz Tommy Denander started a project that sadly never seen the light of day, with many top vocalists as guests. On this demo, the respected Joe Pasquale sings his first AOR / MR song in years (he is retired, producing country artists).
Another rarity is hear Robby Valentine performing a cover. "Go Your Own Way" (a Fleetwood Mac original) is professionally recorded but never released. A real rarity from Robby's vault.
"This Is Our Life" by Shining Line was scheduled to be featured into the non-european version of their last year's debut CD, but that's never happened. This track was included into a compilation not so long ago, but this is NOT the same mix.

How about some rare Zinatra? One of my favorite rockin' AOR bands recorded some demos with their last singer Ollie Oldenburg (Frozen Rain) in 1992/3. This track is a mega-rarity.
Another cool tune is "The Law" by Liddle-Rush-Thrall. As the name suggests the band was a collaboration between one-time Strangeways vocalist Tony Liddell, Billy Rush (Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes) and the legendary Pat Thrall (Meatloaf, Asia, Hughes/Thrall). Rockin' track never released.
Is it Fergie Frederiksen at the mic on the Mecca demo? Listen and answer the quiz.
Chicago's Peter Cetera has a songwriter brother, Kenny, who also sings like an angel. Check this mega-rare demo, great quality.
Also included is a great track of Geezer Butler Band from their '86 studio demos feat. Carl Sentance, a fine hi-tech '89 track (demo-only) by Bruce Turgon, and many more.

All these songs never have been released / appeared on official albums.
Good Stuff.

01 - Eyes (James Christian) - Fury Of A Woman
02 - Wild Rose - Another Shot
03 - Maxx - Love In Disguise
04 - Turbulence - Hold On
05 - Seven - America
06 - Kristina Nichols - In The Hands Of The Right Man
07 - Tommy Denander & Joe Pasquale - Run Away
08 - Robby Valentine - Go Your Own Way
09 - Shining Line - This Is Our Life
10 - Summers - Rock You
11 - BlackHeart - My Star
12 - Jacklyn - Straight From The Heart
13 - Zinatra (with Ollie Oldenburg) - Wings Of Gold
14 - Harem Scarem - Born To Be A Rebel
15 - Liddle/Rush/Thrall - The Law
16 - Hayate - Can't Wait On Love
17 - Galaxy - Free To Loose
18 - Geezer Butler Band - Computer God
19 - Bruce Turgon - The First Step
20 - Mecca - I Know
21 - Kenny Cetera - Could It Be You
22 - Warren Wiebe - Safe Back In Your Arms

AOR TREASURES - Demo Projekt Vol.1


SOFIA said...

Great idea Camelblue! Thank you so much! Keep the good stuff coming... ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your time to make such comps....Keep it up...

A Fan said...

Oh excellent idea m8 and gr8 hosting site too, thanx alot :)

euroman77 said...

oh my God this compilation is offffffff the hook my friend thank you so much for the share keep them coming, loving them))

501blues said...

Awesome. Thanks for sharing this with us and definitely would love to see a continued series.

elsabiodelrock said...

gran trabajo por su parte,impagable gracias por sus delicatesen amigo.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for such an interesting post! I look forward to your future releases.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Camel, another great compilation ..i play all your compilation in my car stereo, my frens are jealous the nice collection, i simply refer them to your blog,
That Indianguy from India!

DEEMON said...

I love this cd...thanks so much my Friend Camelblue...

Anonymous said...

please put on a different link

Christian said...

I have also big problems with wupload. If possible could you please upload the album on a different link?



Kike Exposito said...

Sigues siendo el puto amo, amigo. Aunque no comente mucho últimamente sabes que se te sigue con interés.

Gracias por el recopilata.

Camelblue said...

JaJa Kei,gracias por tus palabras.
Me alegro que te guste. Pronto el vol.2

hermes birkin replica said...

Good post. Thanks for sharing. Great music. I love it.

aorheart said...

Damn !!! how did I miss this AOR TREASURES Demo Project ???!!!
WOW awesome and mega rare song from Kristina Nichols !!! never hear from this demo song ? many, many thanks for this song and also for the other fantastic demo songs !!!

Keep going with these great compilations ! Please tell me when you need some rare demo songs.
Do you already have the song (duet) with Kristina Nichols & Mark Free - Hero Of My Heart (1988) ? when not you can get it for your next compilation !


Edwin (aorheart)

Camelblue said...

@ aorheart:
I know you will love it Edwin, that's why it is dedicated specially for you my friend.
Yes, got 'Nichols/Free' - Hero Of My Heart, possibly to be feat. into the next compilation.
Take for sure I will be asking to you some rare demos in near future.
Rock On!