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SHARP EDGES - Slice Of Life (1983)

SHARP EDGES - Slice Of Life (1983)
SHARP EDGES were a Canadian AOR band that sadly only released this miniLP in 1983. Only 6 tracks but all good, contagious tunes with the unmistakable 80's sound.
Mixing commercial radio friendly choruses with rockin' AOR, these guys were really, really good.

"On The Edge" is a semi-midtempo with and action-movie cadence, filled with stabbing keyboards and solid percussion. Dave Filchak's vocals are perfect, reminding me Larry Greene (Fortune), while Tom Lang plays a short but sharp guitar solo.
"Too Young" has a pure AOR-rock attack. Here Lang takes the mic and he is really good singing too! His guitar lines and specially the swirling keyboards are a must.
"Runaway" is a catchy version of Del Shannon classic (well done), and follower "Girl On The Airwaves" has a radio-rock approach wrapped with great harmony vocals. The slightly Hi-Tech style of "Schizophrenia" definitely has the typical Canadian AOR sound with 'that' drums.
"City Boy" is a another winner, an uptempo rockin' AOR with a great refrain and constant catchiness.

Crisply produced by Canadian guru Ed Stasium (Vixen, Ratt), "Slice Of Life" is a great CanCon AOR representation of the first half of the eighties. It's catchy, melodic and fun.
This file was taken from the CD edition by a small Dutch label, transferred with a truly good sound quality. Seems there's a newly CD re-issue, including an extra track and a couple of remixes.
Highly Recommended to any AOR fan.

01 - On The Edge
02 - Too Young
03 - Runaway
04 - Girl On The Airwaves
05 - Schizophrenia
06 - City Boy

Dave Filchak - Guitar, Vocals
Tom Lang - Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards
Dan Zimmerman - Bass
George Klimow - Drums
John Webster - guest Keyboards

SHARP EDGES - Slice Of Life (1983)


AORSoundtracks said...

Awesome album. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic.Great songs of pure AOR.I love the canadian groups of AOR,HI-Thech,etc.Thanks.

MPG said...

Hey Camelblue, any chance of you making this album available again? Classic Canadian AOR, and an impossible album to find!