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VENICE - Garage Demos Part 1; Slow Stuff (1995)

VENICE - Garage Demos Part 1; Slow Stuff (1995)

VENICE - Garage Demos Part 1; Slow Stuff (1995) notes
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Venice is a band comprised of two sets of brothers, Michael and Mark Lennon and Pat and Kipp Lennon. They are cousins who were born and raised in Venice Beach, California and they have been a staple on the California Club scene for years.

They are known for their incredible 4 part harmonies and live shows.
For more info about the band check the previous post of them HERE

"Garage Demos" are two CD's released by the band independently, including songs recorded between 1989-1995.
These aren't demo-sounding tracks at all, the band just picked the "Garage Demos" name for the double set to aware their fans that these songs/takes were previously unreleased.

Beautiful harmonies on songs full of melody is what you will find here. Not easy to see CD.
Highly Recommended

01 - Bad Timing Song
02 - Rivers Never Run
03 - Circle of Life
04 - The Girl in 204 (Live)
05 - The Only Love I Had
06 - Charm You
07 - Shy Moon
08 - Washington & Lincoln
09 - Again
10 - Long Fall
11 - Comes It Now
12 - Very Real

Kipp Lennon - Vocals
Mark Lennon - Vocals
Michael Lennon - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Pat Lennon - Vocals, Guitars
Monroe Jones, Paul Mirkovich - Keyboards
Mark Harris - Bass
Scott Crago - Drums & Percussion

VENICE Garage Demos 1 Slow Stuff


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