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ALBERTO SIMONINI - Moon Twice (1990)

ALBERTO SIMONINI - Moon Twice (1990)
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ALBERTO SIMONINI is an Italian multi-instrumentalist, mainly guitar player, who has published an interesting hard rock album with the band Midway back in 1988.

"Moon-Twice" is his own child, practically played and recorded entirely by himself between 1989-90 but shelved until 2006.
Actually, it was pressed independently as promo in 1990 including nine tracks, and even it was played live including another good Italian guitarist in the line-up; Max Magagni.

But the official release dates from 2006, with the addition of extra tracks.
Simonini's style here is a cross between the northern Europe and the US sounds that ruled those years: commercial hard rock with good choruses and some edge on the guitars.
Simonini is a really good six-string player with a sharp sound, and he sings surprisingly well.
I can hear TNT influences on tracks such as "No Tequila" or "Fear Your Weapon", Icon on "Can't You See", or Dokken in the title track "Moon-Twice" and the mid-tempo "A Secret Diary".

"My Desire Is You" has more US metal overtones ala Impelliterri, while one of the best tracks on the album, "She Is Mine", reminds me Joshua.
"Everytime" is one of the most commercial tunes, and the balladry is represented by the interesting "Solitude".
The rest of the songs are instrumentals, being the VanHalen-esque "Running On The Fast Lane (Car Accident)" and the ethereal "Flight Of Fancy" (including flute) the best of all.

"Moon-Twice" is a cool indie CD with fine songs, well performed and correctly produced. Only published in Italy by a small local label in limited quantities, it has become really hard to find.
Nice stuff.

01 - No Tequila
02 - Can't You See
03 - Moon-Twice
04 - Fear Your Weapon
05 - Unrequited Love
06 - A Secret Diary
07 - My Desire Is You
08 - Existence
09 - She Is Mine
10 - Everytime
11 - Solitude
12 - Running On The Fast Lane (Car Accident)
13 - Positive / Negative
14 - Flight Of Fancy
15 - K622 Adagio
16 - Incubus Of A Wilful Murder In The Cosmos

Alberto Simonini - Everything
Federico Mascagni - Backing Vocals
Fabio di Fazio - Backing Vocals
Paolo Perdetti - guest Guitar Solo (Track 12)
Anna Auer - Flute



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