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AVALON - Catch Us If You Can [miniLP - Wacko OST] (1982)

AVALON - Catch Us If You Can [miniLP - Wacko OST] (1982)
Many of the classic albums in the AOR genre are long out of print, deliciously rare, and reached even greater status among the fans for it.
One of them is the '82 four track mini-LP 'Everyman A King' by the USA AOR band Avalon, already featured HERE on this blog not so long ago.

'Everyman A King' appears as the only 'official' release by the band, but occurs that Avalon recorded the same year some songs for the 'Wacko (1982)' movie.
The Soundtrack never was released, but few fans know (even rabid collectors) that these tunes were privately pressed on vinyl by the band in an extremely low quantities.
With no artwork, just wrapped in a white paper sleeve, this private MiniLP includes the 4 tracks featured in the movie.

Needless to say this is a mega-rare collector's item, never seen in the blogosphere nor on auction sites until now...
Let me dedicate this delicious post to the biggest '80s soundtrack collector in the World; my good friend Mr. Phaota, and also to whom has continued my 'AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks' series on his own blog; Allan José Silva da Costa.
Uber-Rare stuff. Highly Recommended.

1 - Rumour Has It
2 - Catch Us If You Can
3 - Messin' With My Baby
4 - Blackmail

Rick Neigher: Guitar, Lead Vocals
Mike Mirage: Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Chris Coté: Keyboards, Vocals

AVALON - Catch Us If You Can [Wacko OST]



AORSoundtracks said...

Oi Camelblue,

Impressionante post. Eu achei que nunca teria a oportunidade de escutar este álbum, pois é ultra-raro.

Obrigado por mais este tesouro e pela dedicatória em seu Review.


Allan José Silva da Costa (AORSoundtracks)

Florent Recica said...

You're welcome, by courtesy of Rick aware that the length of the songs "Catch us If You Can" and "Messing With My Baby" is not the same as on original EP, since Rick prefered to slow down these tracks a little bit and... yes the tracks were posted before, just in time for Christmas!!

"Ha! You have good ears. I actually slowed down those two tracks because I felt they were too fast... I do prefer the speeds you now have."

Rick Neigher

Camelblue said...

@Florent Recica:
Thanks for your comment!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this ultra rare music!

Raygunn said...

Awesome soundtrack my friend. Now, all I need is the soundtrack to Greydon Clark's next film, Joysticks, and my life would be complete!

Camelblue said...

@ Raygunn :
Thanks for your comment.
I think "Joysticks" tunes never will be available. Nor even ripped from the VHS. Read here;

Phaota said...

Jeez, I've been looking for this 7" vinyl release of the soundtrack for a good while now, then someone sends me superb rips of it after seeing the vinyl in my Discog Want list. Then I discover you have it up for anyone to DL. That's great, but sucks at the same time. I thought my rips would have been more rare. Oh well, at least more fans can enjoy their songs from the film. But, if anyone wants copies of their other mini album "Everyman A King", I can share that. Write me at
Thanks for the nice comment, CamelBlue. I have more rare songs you can share. E-mail me.

Camelblue said...

@ Phaota :
I'll do my friend.

Camelblue said...