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HI INFIDELITY - Hi Rise (2008)

HI INFIDELITY - Hi Rise (2008) Journey, Styx
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HI INFIDELITY is a cover band from Illinois, specialized in '80s Rock hits made famous by Journey, Night Ranger, Bryan Adams, Van Halen, etc.

With an endless concert schedule, the band has been packing venues wherever they play. During breaks at the shows, the members involve themselves with their admirers making it a more personable and rewarding experience.
For six consecutive years, Hi Infidelity has been voted the best Rock Cover Band of the East area.

All are experienced in this game. In example, keyboardist Bobby Scumanci produces other artists in his own studio and has been part of Dave Mason's band for more than 12 years, and lead vocalist Dave Mikulskis (a huge Journey fan) recorded and played on several musical stage productions.
Hi Infidelity has published last year a live album including versions of 13 eighties smash hits. But they also write original songs.

In 2008, the 5-track EP "Hi Rise" was released (digital only as far I know), showing the talents of these accomplished musicians.
Their own music, obviously, is '80s AOR flavored Classic Rock.
"There Ain't Nothing" is warm and breezy with melodious guitars and vintage keyboards. "Just Another Heartbreak" has a Journey-esque feel, I can hear REO Speedwagon on the very good harmonized vocals of "Come Back Home", "You Do Your Thing" is impregnated by Styx all over, and the American AOR of "Can't Get Enough Of You" brings The Synch to mind.

Really well produced by themselves, "Hi Rise" is a lovely collection of eighties feel-good melodic tunes. Dave Mikulskis has a melodic timbre that reminds me Tommy Shaw's early Styx era, supported by vocal contributions from all members, resulting in a very pleasant harmonic product.
Really Good Stuff.

01 - There Ain't Nothing
02 - Just Another Heartbreak
03 - Come Back Home
04 - You Do Your Thing
05 - Can't Get Enough Of You

Dave Mikulskis - Vocals, Guitars
Bobby Scumaci - Keyboards, Vocals
Jim Warren - Drums, Vocals
Tyler Holcomb - Bass, Vocals
Guy Dominick - Guitars, Vocals



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