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E.Z. MONEY - Getcha Hands On (1991)

E.Z. MONEY - Getcha Hands On (1991)
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Today we have a highly appreciated album by AOR collectors, but not very well known for the occasional listener of the genre.
E.Z. MONEY was a Dutch trio who released this sole CD on a major label, although only ditributed in central Europe.

"Getcha Hands On" is a very good and original Lite AOR, Hi-Techie album with a large amount of tracks all with their own quota of interest.
Their style mix the sounds of several bands of this AOR subgenre, such as JoJo, Beau Heart, Balanx and even eighties Saga, with a bit of Johnny Hates Jazz, Mr. Mister and why not their countrymen Ten Sharp.
What gives E.Z. MONEY a distinctive touch is their 'hi-tech-progressive' approach on many songs here. This means that the music is catchy and fun, yet sometimes elaborated and with unexpected twists, which turns the listening experience even more captivating.

"Getcha Hands On" is plenty of fine melodies and clever arrangements, a very good musicianship including lots of keyboards, synths & flashing guitar work, and a pristine, stylized production.
Check the music-video below as sample, but E.Z. MONEY is much more than the sounds exposed on that particular track. As said, all songs are good and interesting.
Out of print and really hard to find.

01 - Getcha Hands On
02 - More Than This
03 - Rat Race
04 - Keyed Up
05 - Livin' On A Maybe
06 - Nasty Fantasy
07 - Make U Wannit
08 - Splinter
09 - Fear
10 - Somewhere In Time
11 - No More Tears
12 - Best Friend
13 - The New
14 - Never Say Never
15 - For The Rest Of Our Lives

E.Z. MONEY - Getcha Hands On


DEEMON said...

Grande cd meu amigo Camelblue. Gracias!!!

troynew said...

Tried to locate my copy of the cd for Joussef, but as usual it was buried beyond redemption. Luckily I can always rely on you and your huge collection to pick up the slack. ;-)

Anonymous said...

please reup link is broken