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MR. CLEAN - Wash & Go (1996)

MR. CLEAN - Wash & Go (1996)
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The beginning of German band Mr. CLEAN goes back to the year 1994, when guitarist Thomas Kupke teamed up some session musicians to build a new rock project.

The group started to write their own material, while played in small venues a mixed set of original compositions with cover songs.

By 1995, Mr. CLEAN managed to record themselves nine pieces from their own, and published the CD "Wash & Go" through the unknown small indie label Baze Records.
The band's style could be best described as melodic hard rock with a slightly progressive influences, and some AOR/rock thrown into the mix.
In example, "Way Of Love" has a strong driven guitar riff and a keyboard atmosphere similar to early nineties SAGA. "Intoxication" is a midtempo rocker with clean guitars and a cool refrain, influenced by the Canadian sound.
"Not Now!" is an uptempo synth driven melodic rocker with hints of Scandi - AOR ala RETURN or SKAGARAK, surely one of the best tracks here.
"Blue Dreams" returns to the proggy territory, "King For A Day" is a catchy typically German MR/AOR tune, and "Twisted" has an hard rock Americanized style.
The synth / piano only ballad "Only Some Words" is truly good, in fact, the best track of the entire CD.

"Wash & Go" is an unknown CD, rare as an ice cube in the Sahara.
Includes good songs and melodies that would needed a little extra work, but this is compensated by the freshness of the band. The production is as good as it gets for an indie release.
A nice collectible.

01 - Way of Love
02 - Intoxication
03 - Not Now!
04 - Blue Dreams
05 - King for a Day
06 - Twisted
07 - Crystal Seas
08 - Only Some Words
09 - I Don't Know

Markus Hoffmann: vocals
Thomas Kupke: guitars
Gunni Brahm: keyboards, vocals
Reiner Schwaab: bass, vocals
Ralf Wintermeyer: drums

Mr. CLEAN - Wash & Go


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Average music but cool nonetheless.