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MYRON KLINE - Don't Say Goodbye (1983)

MYRON KLINE - Don't Say Goodbye (1983)
Requested in "Request & Fill Corner" section...

There's not much info about Myron Thomas Kline.

According to the back cover of the only album he has recorded, Myron and his band were from Whasington state, more precisely from Bellevue city, at the Eastside region of King County.

As was common in the first half of the eighties, indie artists used to release vinyl miniLP's. "Don't Say Goodbye" was published on the private label R-S, including five tracks.
The best of them is the title track, a lovely pure AOR tune with a classic sound and arrangements. The rest of the material is varied but mostly strong too, with last track "Message" having a westcoast slant, "Always" is a light aorish midtempo, "Crank It Out" has a classic rock vibe and "Night Club" is a smooth slow tune.

"Don't Say Goodbye" is a pleasant miniLP of early '80s music, not essential, but a fine slice of likeable melodies. As all private pressings, it has become a rarity and a collector's item.
As requested, here you have a pristine vinyl-rip with restored audio by me.

01. Don't Say Goodbye
02. Always
03. Crank It Out
04. Night Club
05. Message

Myron Kline - vocals
Mike Stoican - guitars
Don Garberg - keyboards
John Goforth - sax
Ed Gately - bass
Rob Parks - drums

MYRON KLINE - Don't Say Goodbye


rock said...

wow great post keep it up

Anonymous said...

Nice one! Keep up your good work, Camel! :)

troynew said...

Lord Byron said it best when he wrote: 'You write my name with a capital B, you fool.' Totally slipped my mind I had asked for this one too. No doubt it'll sound a heck of a lot better than the vinyl rip version I've got on my wayward (and still infected) computer. I hear he's doing country now by the way. The traditional kind (as opposed to contemporary) if I'm not mistaken. Thanks for the restore job, CB.

Camelblue said...

@ troynew:
My memory is poorest than yours, believe me. That's why I store all requests in a simple notepad.
Hope you like it my friend.