Thursday, August 09, 2012

KRISTINE - The Works (demos & collaborations)

Who is this young girl making music like we're living in the '80s?
Kristine Yay or simply 'Kristine' is a Greek singer who has been writing and recording some good quality demos with a style and sound stuck in the glorious decade.
She has a terrific voice reminding you many eighties ladies such as Robin Beck, Diana DeWitt or Marietta, and her music seems coming out from a 1984 movie soundtrack.
We have tons of synths, compressed & electronic drums and that lovable sequenced patterns.

Seems many musicians lately have been aware of Kristine's talents, requesting her services as vocalist and songwriter.
Some of these collaborations are featured here, as the couple of tracks with electronic / synth artist Mitch Murder, the rocking project Shadoworks or the retro-'80s-popsters Flamingo Drive (check the electro percussion in their track and you will smile).
But what I really love is Kristine own material, all impregnated by pure '80s goodness. "The Danger", as example, is inspired by Top Gun. She has done as well an excellent cover of "Hundreds Of Tears", a song originally performed by Sheryl Crow for the 'Point Break' movie.
There's a bunch of videos in YouTube, check them : 
channel: kristineyaythatsme

The girl is recording her debut EP titled “Modern Love” to be released soon.
Meanwhile, get a ride in your DeLorean and enjoy her demos! (quite good sound).
This pure gold guys... I love this stuff.

01 - Kristine - For The Moment
02 - Kristine - Modern Love
03 - Kristine - A Summer Long Gone
04 - Kristine - Hundreds Of Tears (Point Break OST cover)
05 - Shadoworks feat. Kristine - Eyes Of Danger
06 - Mitch Murder & Kristine - Summer Of Heat
07 - Kristine - The Danger (inspired by Top Gun)
08 - Kristine - Everybody
09 - Kristine - (We Used To Listen To The) Radio
10 - Kristine - A Night Like Tonight
11 - Mitch Murder & Kristine - Alright
12 - Flamingo Drive feat. Kristine - Strange World

KRISTINE - The Works


DEEMON said...

Camel, thanks for the great songs. I love this compilation!!!

Cheers From Brazil

Unknown said...

in the past one pretty dat KRISTINE come to one of my post at one site called "imeem" and comment this way:
Why many bands have songs with my name??
i replay this way:
- You don't know why dear Krtstine ?!
No ! Why ?
- Because they Love You :))))

Very Good Post My Friend Have these tunes ;)

DEEMON said...


FIFA World Cup 2014, and Olympics in 2016. Many works to be done my friend ...

Filipponio said...

Great songs....i hope to listen something more from her.

Anonymous said...

Awesome tracks :)

Phaota said...

She definitely is an excellent singer and totally has that 80s vibe down perfectly. You would never believe they were new songs. Her voice reminds me of several other 80s vocalists, but I can't recall the names. There's a bit of E.G. Daily in there though and I have all of her great 80s songs.

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