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GOTTHARD - Anytime, Anywhere [Tour EP] (2005)

"Anytime, Anywhere Tour EP" was initially released as promotional material for GOTTHARD's 'Lipservice' album, one of the best of their career.
It mainly contains the second single fron that album, but also some juicy rare tracks to enjoy.

"Anytime Anywhere" is a crunchy mid paced hard rocker with a fabulous refrain. It's offered on 2 different editions here, being the "Radio Version" pretty different to the album version.
"In The Name" is the never released acoustic version of an old Gotthard tune (really fine version), while "Round And Round" and "Nobody Home" are non-album tracks as well, the latter only appeared as bonus in Lipservice's Japanese edition.

The three are really killer songs, speacially "Round And Round" which is incomprehensible that never has been included in any full length album, it's exclusive to this EP wich, by the way, has become scarce due the limited edition.
Rare and great Melodic Hard Rock tunes to collect.

01 - Anytime Anywhere (Radio Version)
02 - Anytime Anywhere (Album Version)
03 - In The Name (Live & Acoustic)
04 - Nobody Home (Non album track)
05 - Round And Round (Non album tack)

Steve Lee - Vocals
Leo Leoni - Guitar
Freddy Scherer - Guitar
Marc Lynn - Bass
Hena Habegger - Drums

GOTTHARD - Anytime, Anywhere


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