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DAVID HALLYDAY - On The Road [French edition] (1992)

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French singer David Hallyday released two highly appreciated albums by AOR listeners ('88 True Cool, '90 Rock 'n' Heart) for their mixture of smooth melodies, romantic ballads and that typical eighties sound and production.
Extensive touring followed dues the success of both, and during a presentation in Paris Hallyday recorded "On The Road", a live album.

So, which is the purpose of posting here this one when the studio albums sound terrific?
First of all, it's the only album where David performs the beautiful song "Hold On Blue Eyes", penned by JD Souther among others and made popular by LaMarca for The Wraith soundtrack. Hallyday's version is excellent.
Second, these tunes sound simply great alive. Production is really good, where all the instruments come vital and crystalline, special mention to the guitars. I don't know who is the six-tring player but he rocks with a monster sound set-up.

And here's a third reason; this album is pretty hard to find. Even more this PolyGram France CD version seen in auction sites up to $ 300.
There's a 2-CD release by Scotti Bros. including some extra tracks from the show which are the less interesting (e.g. a drum solo). This tracklist works better featuring David's best songs.
However, one of these discarded tracks is among the more AOR songs in Hallyday's catalog; "Different Destinations". As I have both editions, it is included in the file as bonus.

01 - Ooh La La
02 - Vertigo
03 - Change Of Heart
04 - About You
05 - Hey Louise
06 - Move
07 - Listening
08 - To Have And To Hold
09 - Hold On Blue Eyes
10 - High
11 - Rock Revival
12 - Band's Intro's
13 - Tears Of The Earth
14 - Different Destinations (bonus)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, I couldn't find it anywhere else.

Luis prada said...

que joya esto amigoo y con version de ese temazo de Lamarca gracias por compartirlo !

angstytimelord said...

Just the fact that David is the son of the AMAZING Sylvie Vartan makes this worth hearing. Thanks, Camelblue! (Also, if you've never seen it, check out his movie "He's My Girl." It's hilarious!)