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MASON - Big Illusion (1992)

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Germans MASON started as a band in the mid-eighties but their recording debut arrived in 1992 with this "Big Illusion".
Their style is late eighties oriented Euro Melodic Rock infused with AOR sounds and good doses of keyboards.

The CD includes some really good uptempo tracks as the pumping opener "Rockin' Round The World" and the marching "The Eagles Cries".
Though, my favorites are the definitely AOR numbers "Someday" and the killer "Two Hearts" where they remind me Craaft, or the more stylized "If Looks Could Kill" featuring a nice set of mysterious keys and a fine chorus.
"Hard Life" is a nice ballad, followed by the melodic "Cool Woman". "Laurel 'N' Hardy" adds some hi-tech stylings to the album, before ending with the quite good midtempo AOR of "Can't Stop Loving You".

Mason released another album after "Big Illusion", but despite being distributed by a major company both become soon out of print and hard to find, specially this one.
Good AOR / Melodic Rock in the European style.

01 - Rockin' Round The World
02 - If Looks Could Kill
03 - Two Hearts
04 - Hard Life
05 - Cool Woman
06 - The Eagles Cries
07 - Someday
08 - Laurel 'N' Hardy
09 - Can't Stop Loving You

Thomas Zigann: lead & backing vocals, guitars
Marco Alvino: bass, backing vocals
Mike Parson: drums, backing vocals
Rick Sinoni: keyboards, backing vocals

MASON - Big Illusion


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