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KAREN BLAKE - Just One Heart [2000 Japanese CD edition] (1984)

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KAREN BLAKE is one of those 'career singers' that has done everything.
Since the late seventies she has sung on US national jingles, TV shows and movie soundtracks, wrote songs for publishing companies, arranged and recorded for many major artists like Michael McDonald or Christopher Cross, and also pursued a solo career.

Producer Philip Giffin not only fell in love with Karen's gifted voice, he became her husband as well. Giffin got a label contract, the cream of the L.A. session musicians and co-produced Karen's debut "Just One Heart".
This is that kind of albums with pristine production and refined arrangements
that only could have been crafted during the '80s.
You have pop-rockers, lite AOR tunes, westcoast ballads and mid-eighties soundtrack-like songs played by terrific musicians (check personnel), penned by monsters such as Glen Ballard, Clif Magness & Jay Gruska among others, and sung by Karen's velvety vocals.

"Just One Heart" was originally published in 1984 only in Japan, while the American edition was put on hold until 1986. Both were LP-vinyl releases only.
My file is taken from the very rare, first ever CD Japanese editon (year:2000) by the specialized Cool Sound label.
It's out of print (around $90 on eBay), so if you like this kind of stuff, get it pronto...

01 - I Want You Back
02 - I'm Only Here For You
03 - Anything At All
04 - Just One Heart
05 - Come Hell Or Waters High
06 - Chain Reaction
07 - I'm Not A Loser
08 - Someone To Love
09 - Time Heals The Wounds
10 - I'll Shine My Light On You

Karen Blake: Lead & Backing vocals
Phillip Griffin: Arrangements, Bass & Backing vocals
Steve Lukather, Dann Huff, Michael Landau: Guitars
Nathan East, Neil Stubenhaus: Bass
Alan Pasqua, Shane Keister, Kyle Lehning, Peter Wolf: Synths
Robbie Buchanan: Electric Piano & Rhodes Synth
Larrie Londin, Carlos Vega: Drums
Pat Mastelotto: Simmons Drums
Lenny Castro: Percussion
Billy Puet, Ernie Watts: Horns
James Newton Howard: Clavinet
Karla Bonoff, Christopher Cross, Kenny Edwards, Andrew Gold, Dave Loggins & Wendy Waldman: Backing vocals

KAREN BLAKE Just One Heart


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Mega rare stuff and an ear-candy.

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Precious voice. Terrific recording. Thanks for sharing.