Friday, April 12, 2013

COSMO-SMITH - The Lost Demos [unreleased] (1985)

COSMO-SMITH - The Lost Demos [unreleased] (1985)
Amongst the many requests in REQUEST & FILL CORNER section, there's some that deserve to be full-filled here on the main blog to be enjoyed by all of you. This is the case with COSMO-SMITH "Lost Demos"
Singer Fran Cosmo and Bruce Smith (bass, guitar, vocals) both were part of Orion The Hunter, whom released the self-titled LP in 1984, essential in any AOR / Melodic Rock collection.

Orion The Hunter was a short lived band and after they broke up Cosmo & Smith continued writing and recording material together.
The songs from COSMO-SMITH remain unreleased and it's a shame, because these are shining melodic tunes even more mid-eighties AOR oriented than the duo previous band.
Only four tracks, but all are pure AOR delight, professionally recorded and with an excellent sound quality.
Enjoy & Collect!

1 - Highway In Your Eyes
2 - Sad Affair
3 - You're The One
4 - Is It Love

Fran Cosmo: vocals, backing vocals, guitars
Bruce Smith: guitars, bass, keyboards, backing vocals
Bruce Kulick: guitars
John Schuler: drum programming

COSMO-SMITH - The Lost Demos


Anonymous said...

This song in the video is brilliant...sure a lost gem...damn...
thank you Camel...

Unknown said...


Fran Cosmo - Lead Vocals, Phased Guitar
Barry Goudreau - Guitar
Bruce Smith - Bass
Michael DeRosier - Drums

Brad Delp - Backing Vocals
Brian Maes - Keyboard, Backing Vocals
Steve Barker - Grand Piano

Have A Good Momment \0/

mr yahir said...

these tracks are outstanding... just when i tought everything has been done i discover this authentic gem... the best unreleased and rare stuff i have listened in years

JC_AOR said...

Wow, great post Camelblue!! Very nice indeed! I was a big fan of Orion the Hunter so I was very pleased to see these songs available here. (-:


Thanks Camel!!

Unknown said...

i forgot to say this...
i think Bob Kulick have participated in this Demos

Have A Great Weekend \0/

Anonymous said...

These are the best aor tracks i've ever listened in 10/15 years i's a shame that in AOR world few people know about this project.

Ricky said...

Pedazo de EP, calidad total, AOR con sentimiento, ese que nunca volverá, melodías mágicas e inolvidables.

Es la primera vez que escribo en su blog Camelblue, y quiero expresarle que en mi opinión es usted el maestro absoluto del Hard Rock AOR, lo que usted ha compartido y sigue compartiendo con nosotros, nadie mas lo hubiese hecho y mucho menos con ese afán y perfección. Le estoy eternamente agradecido, gracias a ti, el AOR vivirá por siempre en nuestros corazones.

Camelblue said...

@ Ricky:
Pues es por gente como tu que el tiempo invertido en este blog hace que valga la pena. Gracias por tus palabras.
Keep Rockin' !

sander said...

WOOOW! Thanks a bunch for this gem

troynew said...

Stumbled upon this by accident on YouTube. Figured it could only come from one place... and sure 'nuff, I was right. :P

aorheart said...
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Camelblue said...

Holy Grail of sunken Atlantis... Mr. troynew.
I miss you around here my friend. Hugs!

@ aorheart:
Why you deleted your comment? Nice to see you here too.

aorheart said...

hi Camelblue,

think there is going something wrong with post my comment here ?
but here I am. MANY THANKS for these awesome demo songs !!! WOW these demos are the best I have hear in a long time !!! great vocals from the ORION singer Fran Cosmo !!!

Camelblue said...

Glad you liked my friend.
Rock On

Dixon "Wimpwire" House said...

AmazinG! super work on this Camel. thanks a LOT