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V.A. - Heard It On The Radio Vol.1 [Renaissance] (1998)

V.A. - Heard It On The Radio Vol.1 [Renaissance] (1998)
"Heard It On The Radio" CD series were released by the now disappeared label Renaissance comprising long lost 45 rpm singles from the late seventies / earlier eighties never obtainable on digital format before.
Ironically, few or these were radio hits - in fact, many of them are rather obscure - but should have been.
The prime intention of the label was the rescue from oblivion of these good '80s songs and made them available in good audio quality not only for musicologists and archivists, but for true lovers of the AOR / rock&pop that once ruled FM radio airwaves.

There were 3 volumes, the first published in 1998, and Vol. 2 & 3 the subsequent year. In 2001 two more (Vol. 4 & 5) were presented only as promo just to promote original album reissues from some of the artists featured.
The "Heard It On The Radio" series were resurrected some years ago by the marketing label RDEG, re-releasing the official first three volumes, and then the previously not for sale Vol. 4 & 5, but with a slightly different tracklist due legal / permission issues.
Recently appeared a new volume numbered Vol.7, the guys at REDG seems to have skipped the '6'.
Requested by a reader, "Heard It On The Radio" series will be featured on this blog in the next entries to come.

V.A. - Heard It On The Radio Vol.1 [Renaissance] (1998) back cover
Some of these tracks are from albums finally released on CD nowadays, but many not, and probably that never happens.
First of the series, we have Vol.1 featuring some well known names by '80s AOR fans like Tycoon, Joe Lynn Turner's first band Fandango, Player, LeRoux or Autograph (although a great track, their classic "Turn Up The Radio" seems out of place in this compilation).
But there's also rarely heard, good songs from Janey Street, Robert Hazard, The Breaks, Steel Breeze and a lot more, all with that typical early eighties FM magic.

01 - Mr. Mister - Hunters Of The Night
02 - Tycoon - Such A Woman
03 - Janey Street - Say Hello To Ronnie
04 - Wax UK - Right Between The Eyes
05 - Autograph - Turn Up The Radio
06 - Fandango - Headliner
07 - Gary O' - Shades Of '45
08 - Grace Slick - Seasons
09 - Bullet - Down By The Neonlights
10 - LeRoux - Nobody Said It Was Easy
11 - Chiliwack - My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone)
12 - Robert Ellis Orall-Carlene Carter - I Couldn't Say No
13 - Player - If Looks Could Kill
14 - Robert Hazard - Escalator Of Life
15 - Steel Breeze - You Don't Want Me Anymore
16 - The Breaks - She Wants You
17 - Dillman Band - Lovin' The Night Away
18 - Martha & The Muffins - Echo Beach
19 - Jefferson Starship - Save Your Love

Heard It On The Radio Vol.1


Leo said...

Hey man!
The vol 1 and 6 of this collection is down..
Can u re-up this two albuns?

Camelblue said...

Vol.6 does not exists, never released. Vol.1 updated... enjoy!

Leo said...

Thank u!!

Unknown said...


I have thoroughly enjoyed your compilations, as this is a genre that I have not explored over my 40 years of 'OMFUG-ery.' Thank you for your obvious care and thoughtfulness in creating these - it's impressive. Are you able to re-activate V.A. - Heard It On The Radio Vol.1 [Renaissance] (1998)? Receiving a 404 message... Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

Could you repost Vol. 1? Some of these songs aren't on Spotify US anymore.