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V.A. - Heard It On The Radio Vol.3 [Renaissance] (1999)

V.A. - Heard It On The Radio Vol.3 [Renaissance] (1999)
Volume 3 from "Heard It On The Radio" CD series released by the now disappeared Renaissance label, comprising long lost 45 rpm singles from the late seventies / earlier eighties never obtainable on digital format before.
Ironically, few or these were radio hits - in fact, many of them are rather obscure - but should have been.
Renaissance prime intention was rescue from oblivion these good '80s songs and made them available in good audio quality not only for musicologists and archivists, but for true lovers of the AOR / rock&pop style that once ruled FM radio airwaves.

All volumes are interesting, but I think this number 3 is the best of the series because features very rare cuts and all are good.
DNA was a rare project produced by Spencer Proffer and formed by Rick Derringer (vocals, guitar), Carmine Appice (drums) and Duane Hitchings (keyboards) in 1984, and "Doctors Of The Universe" is a really fun track (that somehow reminds me Night Ranger).
We also find Jim Steinman doing a pre-Meat Loaf version of "Rock and Roll Dreams Come True", the cool Gary Myrick & The Figures "She Talks In Stereo", or the very hard to find catchy rocker "It's All Right, It's O.K." by Iowa-based band The Hawks never previously released on CD as far I know.
Of course there's some well known names by AOR fans such as Orion The Hunter, Hughes-Thrall, Trillion and many more.
A highly enjoyable compilation.

V.A. - Heard It On The Radio Vol.3 [Renaissance] (1999) back cover

Heard It On The Radio Vol.3



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