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BLACK RAIN (USA) - Black Rain (1993/2003)

BLACK RAIN (USA) - Black Rain (1993/2003) melodic rock
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BLACK RAIN was (or are?) a Melodic Rock band with some Hard edge originating from Connecticut and not from California as many 'historians' assure. The band recorded several songs between 1990-93 before the grunge Dark Age phagocytosed them. Anyway, the group managed to release by themselves an EP in 1993 while the rest of the tracks were shelved.
Ten years after, Metal Mayhem Music rescued the tapes and finally put out the disc as it was originally intended, including 12 tracks.

"Black Rain" is very late eighties / early nineties styled, both in composition and style, influenced by the Californian sound where they used to play a lot, you know - The Roxy in Hollywood, Dream Street in San Diego and alikes.
You can hear some Warrant on "Don't Turn Away", Poison-esque midtempos in "One Chance" and "Yesterday", early Bon Jovi for "All Alone" and a little Danger Danger on the main melody of "To Live On".
Many of the tracks are really mellow, adding acoustics as on the very well arranged "I Never Wanted" (one of the highlights), but there's also uptempo rockers like "Crazy Questions", the bluesy "Sculptured Love" and the slightly Damn Yankees-like "Time", another favorite of mine.

BLACK RAIN (USA) - Black Rain (1993/2003) back cover
Rather obscure and unknown, there's not a bad moment in "Black Rain", a disc featuring good songwriting, musicianship, melodies, and whilst production is
very indie (different sessions) this is a fine Melodic Rock album which gets better and better with each listen.

01 - Run
02 - Don't Turn Away
03 - One Chance
04 - To Live On
05 - Time
06 - I Never Wanted
07 - Sculptured Love
08 - Drift Away
09 - Crazy Questions
10 - All Alone
11 - Dyin' For The Cause
12 - Yesterday

Ty Christensen: vocals
Galvan Steele: guitars
Shawn Logan: guitars
Jay Linthicum: bass
Joe Bonzi: drums



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Old Boy said...

The greatest blog in the world