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BOSS - Step On It (1984) restored audio

BOSS - Step On It (1984) restored audio
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Founded at the end of the seventies in Adelaide, Australia, by Kevin Pratt (guitar) and Craig Csongrady (vocals), BOSS moved to Sydney in 1980. The band released their only album "Step On It" with RCA in 1984 which was quite successful in Germany and Japan, but the label didn't supported the guys.
Pratt & Csongrady later formed BB Steal (Beg, Borrow or Steal), a really good act produced by Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen.

BOSS were focused in catchy Hard Rock songs with a touch of rockin' AOR sporting an unmistakable British sound not far from the first Def Leppard, Led Zepp and Bad Company, also adorned with some Ratt / Krokus like crunchy riffs.
Strong vocals, sharp solos and a pounding rhythm section drive anthemic numbers like "Kick Ass (Rock N' Roll)", the fist rising "Hard N' Fast" or the groovy "That Woman". There's more melodic numbers such as "Strange Games", "Take It Or Leave It" (which reminds me Bronz), and the enjoyable midtempo "Cry Cry".

BOSS - Step On It (1984) restored audio back cover

"Step On It" never was officially released on CD, and the bootlegs floating around are crap.
As requested, I did a quick clean-up of this pretty good vinyl-rip (not mine) de-clicking the whole thing for your listening pleasure.
Good stuff!

01 - Kick Ass (Rock N' Roll)
02 - That Woman
03 - Dancin' Queen
04 - Strange Games
05 - Hard N' Fast
06 - Escapee
07 - Take It Or Leave It
08 - Free Wheelin'
09 - Cry Cry
10 - Shake It

Craig Csongrady - Vocals
Kevin Pratt - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Peter Sucliff - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Scott Ginn - Bass
Peter Heckenburg - Drums

BOSS Step On It restored audio


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frenzytommy said...

Wow, hiss -and crackle-free, terrific job, m8 ☼thanks a bunch♥

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Epic... \m/

Dan said...

Great Job Camelblue.

Amazing effort.

Very Krokus-like vocals. Love It.