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WAR PIPES - Warpipes (1991-2000)

WAR PIPES - Warpipes (1991-2000) Holes In The Heavens
While playing alongside other artists such as Meat Loaf and Alice Cooper during the late '70s and early '80s, underrated and terrific Scottish guitarist Davey Johnstone is mostly known for being Elton John's main six-string man.
Around 1990, Johnstone started his own band named WARPIPES together with singer & lyricist Billy Trudel (later in Public Domain featured HERE) who went on to sing backup for Elton as well, completing the line up with... two members of Elton John's band too; keyboardist Guy Babylon and bassist Bob Birch.

In 1991, WarPipes released their only album 'Holes In The Heavens' to much critical acclaim on Davey Johnstone's self-owned label Artful Balance Records. But the label folded not so long after, and the disc become almost impossible to find.
Fortunately, this great record was rescued in 2000 by Bridge Records in a revamped re-release simply entitled "War Pipes" (this time separated words). But it was really different from the original.
Three new tracks were added; "Little Persuader", "Dust On My Boots" and "One Love True", while the track "Satellite City" from the original edition was deleted. Also features a re-arranged tracklist and completely new artwork.

WAR PIPES - Warpipes (1991-2000) Holes In The Heavens back cover

'Holes In The Heavens' / 'War Pipes' was the vehicle for Davey Johnstone to rock, and rock intensively. Don't expect Elton-like poppy tunes here, this is a terrific melodic hard rock album with a bluesy foundation in the vein of Walk On Fire, YA YA or Walk The Wire, this meaning: high quality AORish Melodic Rock of the highest order.
Not only Billy Trudel vocals are pure gold in a Steve Perry / Moon Calhoun style (Trudel was booked by Michael Thompson in an earlier version of MTB), also Davey Johnstone's toneful, clean, killer sound & pickin' are to die for.
I can't find a weak song of this superbly produced album, ripped at maximum quality from the reissue but also including the discarded track "Satellite City" as bonus, to treasure WarPipes' complete recordings.
Great One.

01 - Rock & Roll Condition
02 - Little Persuader (reissue only)
03 - Dust On My Boots (reissue only)
04 - Duty To Dance
05 - Mr. 2 U
06 - One Love True (reissue only)
07 - Tear Jerker
08 - Son Of A Loaded Gun
09 - Good-Bye Kemosabe
10 - Holes In The Heavens
11 - Divided Heart
12 - Back A' Ma Buick
13 - Satellite City (original release only)

Billy Trudel: lead vocals
Davey Johnstone: guitars, mandolin, backing vocals
Guy Babylon: keyboards
Bob Birch: bass, sax
Nigel Olsson: drums, backing vocals



Kammenos said...

Hey, never even heard of if....
Thanks for bringing this gem to light for us..
Rock on...

Anonymous said...

I paid 65 Euros for Holes In The Heavens some years ago. A collectors item and a hell of an album


Anonymous said...

First heard this album in 1995 and have listened to it periodically ever since. LOVE the whole album, as anyone who gives it a listen will. Great rock and roll. Great driving music. Love it!