Friday, September 20, 2013

TWO OF A KIND - ST [Japan release] (2007)

TWO OF A KIND - ST [Japan release] (2007) Fred Hendrix Terra Nova
The other day, eager to listen some good female fronted Melodic Rock, I went into my collection to pick up the long time not heard sole release by TWO OF A KIND, in my opinion, amongst the top 10 releases in 2007.
Centred around the velvety yet strong vocals of Dutch singers Esther Brouns and Anita Craenmehr (ex- Night Shade and Fast forward respectively), the mastermind behind this project is the talented Fred Hendrix, founder of two of my favorites bands from the fluffy side of the Melodic Rock / AOR genre; Terra Nova and Aquila.

Mr. Hendrix not only composed all the songs, produced and played bass, but also utilised as back-up band his partners in Terra Nova; Ron Hendrix (Fred’s brother) on keyboards and Gesuino Derosas on guitars, while Vengeance's Hans In't Zandt handled the drums.
So TWO OF A KIND is some kind of Terra Nova with female vocals at the helm, quite much in the Wilson sisters / Heart '80s style. This is a stunning, criminally ignored record when released six years ago.

TWO OF A KIND - ST [Japan release] (2007) back cover

Not sure about the European edition, but this King Records Japanese version (including a bonus track) is out of print and deleted right now.
Very Recommended, quality female fronted Melodic AORish Rock album.

01 - Light In The Dark
02 - The Longest Night
03 - Little By Little
04 - Give Me A Reason
05 - Heaven Can Wait
06 - Unbearable
07 - Into The Fire
08 - In Your Arms
09 - Whole Again
10 - To The Top
11 - I Die A Little More Everyday
12 - Now I'm Complete (Japan bonus track)

Esther Brouns - Vocals
Anita Craenmehr - Vocals
Gesuino Derosas - Guitar
Hans In't Zandt - Drums
Ron Hendrix - Keyboards
Fred Hendrix - Bass, Songwriting, Production



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