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XYZ - Hungry [Axe Killer remaster 1999]

XYZ - Hungry [Axe Killer remaster 1999]
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Terry Ilous' eighties band XYZ never was considered by the press as a top act from the US Hard Rock movement of the era, however, most major, platinum-seller bands and musicians of the genre mentioned them as personal favorites.
In my opinion, XTZ self-titled debut produced by Don Dokken is one of the finest melodic hard albums produced by the American factory at the end of that decade.

Aiming to rock harder still maintaining a polished sound, for the second record "Hungry" XYZ called guru Neil Kernon to co-produce together with George Tutko (Lita Ford, Eric Martin). This association resulted in a more straightforward, no-frills bluesy hard rock album plenty of energy, great vocals and sizzling guitar work.

XYZ - Hungry [Axe Killer remaster 1999] back cover

Requested by a reader, here's the now out of print and hard to find Axe Killer (French label) release of "Hungry", remastered and available in Europe for the first time in 1999, including the bonus track "Two Wrongs Can Make A Right". There's a noticeable improvement in sound and balance to enjoy this very good American Hard Rock CD.
Killer stuff.

01 - Face Down In The Guter
02 - Don't Say No
03 - Fire And Water
04 - When The Night Comes Down
05 - Off the Sun
06 - Feels Good
07 - Shake Down The Walls
08 - When I Find Love
09 - H.H. Boogie
10 - Sun Also Rises In Hell
11 - Roll Of The Dice
12 - Whiskey On A Heartache
13 - Two Wrongs Can Make A Right *

* Axe Killer remaster Bonus Track

Terry Ilous - vocals
Marc Diglio - guitar
Patt Fontaine - bass
Paul Monroe - drums

XYZ Hungry - Axe Killer