Thursday, September 05, 2013

DARIN SCHEFF - Demos feat. Warren Wiebe, Tim Feehan & more

DARIN SCHEFF - Demos feat. Warren Wiebe, Tim Feehan & more
The Scheff family is a musical one. Of course the most well known by us is the awesome Jason Scheff of the Chicago fame, but his brother DARIN SCHEFF is also a talented songwriter who has penned some beautiful tunes for many artists (including Chicago).

This is a collection of songs written / co-written and recorded by Darin Scheff during the '80s and '90s on a Fostex 8-track Machine, 'the personal home studio for the eighties' as it was known back in the day. These are some real Westcoast AOR gems never released or recorded by other artists.
We have the late, fantastic Warren Wiebe performing lead vocals on the terrific "Heart To Mend", and also "Safe Back In Your Arms" - song featured in the 1989 movie Under Crystal Lake, but the soundtrack never was released.

The great Tim Feehan sings the poppy "You Don't Know" and the super midtempo AOR "Why Did You Ever Let Me Go" which features as well a superb guitar work by Dawayne Bailey (Bob Seger, Chicago).
More luminaries are presented on lead vocals: John Keane, Sherwood Ball, Bill Cantos and of course bro Jason Scheff among others.
You can hear John Parr playing guitar on couple of cuts, Cantos on piano and strings, Jason on bass, keyboards and even offering a guitar solo on a track. And more...

Very good sound on these lovable demos, additionally enhanced, cleaned and restored by me.
You can find a complete line-up / story of each track inside the tag comments.
AOR suckers; enjoy.

01 - Heart To Mend (Warren Wiebe lead vocals)
02 - Why Did You Ever Let Me Go (Tim Feehan lead vocals)
03 - Looking Up At Heaven (Bill Cantos lead vocals)
04 - Driven (Sherwood Ball lead vocals, John Parr guitar)
05 - Safe Back In Your Arms (Warren Wiebe lead vocals)
06 - Secretly Loving You (Danny Mishkit lead vocals)
07 - Don't Let Love Come Between Us (John Keane lead vocals)
08 - You Don't Know (Tim Feehan lead vocals, John Parr guitar)
09 - Victoria (Jason Scheff lead vocals)
10 - If It Were You [demo version] (Chicago the band)
11 - Life Goes On (Donny Kerr lead vocals)
12 - Slow (unknown lead vocals)
13 - Down 'N Dirty (Mary Knox lead vocals)

Darin Scheff: guitar, background vocals
Tony Smith: keyboards, programming
Donny Kerr: guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals
John Keane: keyboards, programming, vocals
Jason Scheff: bass, keyboards, guitar, vocals
Dawayne Bailey: guitar
Bill Cantos: piano, strings, pads, vocals
John Parr: guitar
Danny Mishkit: sax, vocals
Dean Gretch: guitar

DARIN SCHEFF Demos '80s / '90s


AOR Fan said...

Hi, Where can I go to see the year and information on each Track, Great Compilation!

JC_AOR said...

Im with T.P - Thanks camelblue for the Darin Scheff demos - another AMAZING post. I don't know where you find such cool material to put together into your self made posts and compilations but I love it. Always original and extremely enjoyable. I've said it before but your posts are what make this blog the absolute best in the AOR/HR blogosphere. Thank you again :-)

Camelblue said...

Look inside of each mp3 tag in Comments. "View file info" in Winamp and most players.

Anonymous said...

Real amazing tracks.....thank you camelblue!

501blues said...

Super stuff. Thanks for putting this up.