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MANITO PARK - Manito Park (1991)

MANITO PARK - Manito Park (1991) rare
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Based in Spokane, Washington state, quartet MANITO PARK took their name from the recreation park located in their city. The band toured the area since the late eighties and recorded & released independently this rich in harmonies self-titled CD in 1991.

MANITO PARK's music is American AOR but in its more Melodic Rock side akin Nelson, Bystander, Beau Coup, Biloxi, Roxanne and many more.
There's hook-laden catchy cuts like "Surrender", "Fool For Yesterday", "Bridges Burning", and lovable rockin' AOR cuts in "Like Forever", "Ariel" and the keyboard-filled mid-tempo "Daydreamer", all adorned with huge harmony vocals.
On the balladry side, we have two top class AOR gems in "One Last Look", a wonderful tune complete with pianos & acoustics, and the Elefante brothers-like "Send A Miracle". Three of the tracks are short intros/interludes, and there's also two acoustic-only songs; the melodic vocally layered "Oh Father" and the fun "Idaho Eyes".

MANITO PARK - Manito Park (1991) CD photo

Although the indie production is clearly low budget, the songcraft in Manito Park is excellent which turned this album a much sought after piece by AOR / Melodic Rock fans and collectors.
This is not the bad-tracked rip floating the web, it's taken from the original gold-plated CD including artwork.
Rare & Good.

01 - Bridges Prelude
02 - Girl In Green
03 - Surrender
04 - One Last Look
05 - Like Forever
06 - Idaho Eyes
07 - Daydreamer
08 - Fool For Yesterday
09 - Oh Father
10 - Ariel
11 - Duet
12 - Down On Sunday
13 - Stumpy's Choice
14 - Send A Miracle
15 - Bridges Burning

Dave Dupree - lead vocals, keyboards
Bob Burdett - guitars, backing vocals
Lars Ziemba - bass, backing vocals
Rusty Knorr - drums



JC_AOR said...

I've seen this one mentioned around the place but never got to hearing it, thanks for the quality rip Camelblue, I look forward to hearing this. Cheers. JC

Anonymous said...

thanks A LOT for your great and rare aor music! cheers from Mexico City!!