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NASTY IDOLS - Gigolos On Parole (1989)

NASTY IDOLS - Gigolos On Parole (1989)
Swedes NASTY IDOLS were mostly known for their good couple of early nineties dirty sleaze / glam albums, but the guys debuted in 1989 with this "Gigolos On Parole", a Scandi Melodic Hard Rock / AOR effort full of melodic guitar riffs and keyboard flourishes.
Until today, the band openly discredits this CD as they don't feel it represents the Nasty Idol's musical style at all. Probably that's the reason why not a single song from "Gigolos On Parole" was included into their 'Best Of' compilation.

Well, they did an awesome job for a group of musicians who 'does not like' this genre.
Just check the AOR stabs of "Lonely", the ballad "Don't Walk Away" or the Alice Cooper cover of "No More Mr. Nice Guy" which in Nasty Idols' hands reminds me of Steve Plunkett's Autograph.
The Scandinavian Melodic Hard Rock of "Can't Get Enough", "Must Be Love" or the killer "She's On Fire" has more in common with the likes of Stage Dolls or Return than the sleaze that Nasty Idols would develop later.

NASTY IDOLS - Gigolos On Parole (1989) back cover

Although nothing ground breaking, I largely prefer this Nasty Idols' musical style of "Gigolos On Parole" over the glammy sleaze to come. Never reissued, the original copies of this CD are sold in the range between 70 and 100 € at online auctions.
Last December 5, 2013, frontman Andy Pierce, the last remaining original member of the band passed away suddenly at the age of 45. RIP.

01 - Intro
02 - Gimme What I Want
03 - Can't Get Enough
04 - No More Mr. Nice Guy
05 - She's On Fire
06 - Interlude
07 - Shy China
08 - Must Be Love
09 - Lonely
10 - For The Good Time
11 - Don't Walk Away

Andy Pierce - Vocals
Jonnie Wee - Guitar
Roger White - Keyboards
Dick Qwarfort - Bass
George Swanson - Drums

NASTY IDOLS Gigolos On Parole