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WAKEFIELD - Wakefiled (1985)

WAKEFIELD - Wakefiled (1985) LP
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WAKEFIELD was one of these US bands that despite its quality never got a recording contract with a major label, but mostly due to their location. Formed in the mid-Seventies in South Dakota, Wakefield was a popular act in the area playing venues from Canada to Kansas, and Colorado to Illinois.
When they recorded this, their self-titled LP released on a small private label, Wakefield were offered to distribute the album nationally with the condition to tour nation-wide to support it. At the time all band members got a family firmly established in South Dakota, so the potential opportunity for major exposure was declined.

"Wakefield" appeared in 1985, and the music packed inside has the typical mid-80s US melodic rock sound with influences ranging from Night Ranger to REO Speedwagon, with some little Pomp on it plus a hard rock touch as well.
Very well composed & arranged, there's variation through the nine songs recorded at Catamount Studio in Iowa, produced by the band & Tom Tatman obtaining a very good, fuller sound.
Wakefield officially disbanded in 1987, but all members, still living in South Dakota, reunite from time to time for some shows.

WAKEFIELD - Wakefiled (1985) back

Over the years, "Wakefield" has become a collectors piece, with original LP's being sold for 3-digit dollar amounts. It's a really nice, melodic album.
I did a little clean-up on this vinyl-rip to obtain the best possible sound quality.

01 - Don't Throw Your Heart Away
02 - You're Gonna Find Out
03 - Hard Nights
04 - It's A Beautiful Day
05 - One Of A Kind Lady
06 - I Want You
07 - Animals
08 - Tara
09 - Living Dangerously

Evan Jones - keyboards, vocals
Geoff Gunderson - guitar, vocals
Jeff Koller - drums, vocals
Dave Horan - bass

WAKEFIELD - Wakefiled (1985)


T.P said...

Thanks for introducing this lightsome sounding band in full detail (and with gentle audio restoration) of whose existence I was completely unaware. Seems like my Melodic Rock Horizon has grown +1! :-)

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Very nice!! 100/100