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AIRBORNE - The Dig (1981 - 2003)

AIRBORNE - The Dig (1981 - 2003) front
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One of the best (and more underrated) bands from the seminal AOR movement in the late seventies were, undoubtedly, Americans AIRBORNE.
Their one and only self-titled debut is a marvellous slice of energetic pompy AOR.

Airborne was assembled by the then young musician Beau Hill, who went on to become one of the greatest producers of the '80s.
The release of 'Airborne' was delayed due to executive label problems, so meanwhile the band started to record the pre-production demos of new material for a second album.
But the debut did not sold well, and Columbia Records dropped the band.

It was not until 2001 when guitarist David Zychek called Beau Hill asking for these long time shelved recordings. Thanks to modern technology they were able to restore most of the songs, adding a few new bits to complete the package.
So, the second, unreleased Airborne record was released under the title "The Dig".

AIRBORNE - The Dig (1981 - 2003) back

The sound quality is a mixed bag, ranging from very good to some 'demo' output, but the real thing here are the songs, really enjoyble late '70s / early '80s AOR tunes like "Stranger", "Bored With Russia", "Livin' on the Inside", "Witch Hunter", and the Boston-inspired ballad "Whenever I'm With You".
Pomp rules.

01 - Neon Hotel
02 - Stranger
03 - Livin' on the Inside
04 - Good Boys
05 - Talk to Me
06 - Backseat Driver
07 - Whenever I'm With You
08 - Bionic
09 - Idiot Kid
10 - Bored with Russia
11 - Say Please
12 - Witch Hunter
13 - Miss Directed
14 - Broken English
15 - Get it While You Can

Beau Hill: guitar, keyboards, vocals
David Zychek: guitar, keyboards, vocals
Rick Allen: bass, vocals
Gary Pavlica: drums percussion, vocals



Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one! But... where it is the first Airborne album?

T.P said...

I want to accompany the previous speaker by saying thanks, too. Sounds like more than just a nice addition to the genre!

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AOR Fan said...

Hi, Id also like a good rip of the debut

Camelblue said...

A friendly site has posted Airborne's debut remastered here;