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RUSS TAFF - Walls Of Glass [Japanese remaster] (1983)

RUSS TAFF - Walls Of Glass [Japanese remaster] (1983)
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Singer and composer RUSS TAFF made a name by himself as vocalist for The Imperials and stated a solo career with is record from 1983: "Walls Of Glass".
Taff is one of the more versatile artists from Christian music movement with a highly respectable success into the secular charts, specially during the '80s.

I have already posted on the blog Russ Taff's second album 'Medals', a true AOR little gem. This "Walls Of Glass", as said, was released previously and cemented his abilities as composer and performer.
Seems when Taff announced he quit The Imperials there were many 'big cats' eager to record with him on his debut "Walls Of Glass". Just check the personnel: master Michael Landau on guitar, king of groove Jeff Porcaro, Nathan East, Abraham Laboriel, Bill Champlin, James Newton Howard, even Franke Previte from Franke & The Knockouts contributing harmony vocals... impressive session musicians.

Conducted & arranged by talented Robbie Buchanan (who also play several instruments) and produced with a crystal clear sound by Bill Schnee (Huey Lewis, Boz Scaggs, Franke & The Knockouts), "Walls Of Glass" is a wonderful record.
This one is more Westcoast oriented than 'Medals' (more radio-AOR), but the exact definition would be 'L.A. session' sound.
Long time deleted, Russ Taff's "Walls Of Glass" was remastered some years ago by the specialzed Japanese label Cool Sound. But it's out to print again, and it's really hard to find.
First half of the '80s quality AOR.

01 - Tell Them
02 - Walls Of Glass
03 - Jeremiah
04 - Pure In Heart
05 - We Will Stand
06 - I Want To Change
07 - Inside Look
08 - Just Believe
09 - Kathryn's Song
10 - Unto The Lamb

Vocals – Russ Taff
Keyboards, Synth Bass – Robbie Buchanan
Guitar – Marty Walsh, Michael Landau, James Hollihan
Keyboards, Synths, Piano – Robbie Buchanan
Keyboards – Bill George
Piano, Synths – James Newton Howard
Synths – Michael Omartian
Bass – Nathan East, Richard Hopkins, Abraham Laboriel
Drums – Jeff Porcaro, Mike Baird, John Hammond
Horns – Charlie Loper, Ernie Watts, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey
Saxophone [Sax Solo] – Ernie Watts
Harmony Vocals – Franke Previte
Backing Vocals – Bill Champlin, Carmen Twillie, Tamara Champlin, Arnold McCuller, David Lasley, Bonnie Bramlett, Russell Taff

RUSS TAFF Walls Of Glass Japanese remaster


DrakeSinister said...

Amazing! Thank you so much Camel. :)

Anonymous said...

Impossible to buy (over $60). You made my day, month, year!
God bless you.


T.P said...

Already the aficionado of Medals who I am, I was very pleased to see the newest entry of yours, named Walls. Thanks a bunch for that! Maybe we all are lucky and there's still more to follow on this exceptional musician!

By the way, at this juncture I want to take up the cudgels for your also mentioned Franke & The Knockouts! Unfortunately I neither saw this outstanding band ever featured at your blog, nor they got requested sometime. What a crime of omission! :-)

Bye for now,

T.P said...

Hey, I found some Franke & The Knockouts music within your AOR Soundtrack Treasures series! So the shame is all on me for having overlooked that. Did I still miss some more? ;-)

Bye for now,

Camelblue said...

@T.P :
Franke & The Knockouts is a fundamental act to understand the AOR movement beginnings.
If you need their discography, just let me know.

T.P said...

@ Camelblue

Precisely because this band is so essential to the AOR movement, in my view it definitely deserves a mention here at this very place, in combination with one of your appreciated, always ambitioned and passionately written essay-esque background informations.

Just go for the, in your opinion, most important album that influenced the genre in a kind of way that furthered it.

Well, in fact it was So Cool (Nobody's Fool) that was among my very first AOR moments a couple of years ago, thanks to your blog. Beyond that, my thirst for Franke & The Knockouts' discography is appeased in the meantime (got them all), but thank you nevertheless.

Eventually, I want to encourage you once more to give these meaningful musicians the well-earned place in your personal AOR Heaven Blog Hall Of Fame by featuring them! And so the AOR circle would have gone one more piece of the curve on its way to completion! :-)

Bye for now,