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MICHAEL SEMBELLO - Caravan Of Dreams [Japanese release] (1992)

MICHAEL SEMBELLO - Caravan Of Dreams [Japanese release] (1992)
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MICHAEL SEMBELLO had fulminating success in 1983 with his song 'Maniac', included in the movie Flashdance. Then he spent much of his career writing and performing music for movies and TV shows, but releasing a 'solo artist' album from time to time.
After the very good 'Without Walls' presented on this blog, the next record took three years to arrive: this "Caravan Of Dreams", only released in Japan in 1992.

MICHAEL SEMBELLO - Caravan Of Dreams [Japanese release] (1992) cd photo

Still retaining Sembello's commercial, rock&pop characteristic '80s sound, this new venture was much more mature, Adult Contemporary oriented, with lots of WestCoast smooth arrangements and mid-tempo tunes mostly co-written with talented keyboard player Brian O'Doherty.
A consummate (and obsessive) producer, Michael Sembello always guarantee a first class studio work, everything sounds pristine here.

MICHAEL SEMBELLO - Caravan Of Dreams [Japanese release] (1992) back cover

What I particularly love on this record are the guitars - the rhythm guitars - handled by two specialists in this matter, the perfect Jennifer Batten and the versatile Tim Drury (WhiteSnake).
Hard to find - out of print CD, and a very nice listen / addition to your collection.

01 - Heavy Weather
02 - Where We Gonna Dance
03 - Thing Called Love
04 - Movers & Shakers
05 - Passion
06 - Black Rain (Miles To Go)
07 - Winter Of Our Love
08 - Shangri-La
09 - State Of My Heart
10 - The Cure For Love
11 - The Harder Love Falls
12 - Where Are We Now

Michael Sembello: vocals, keyboards, programming
Jennifer Batten, Tim Drury: guitars
Danny Sembello: keyboards, backing vocals
Brian O'Doherty: keyboards, backing vocals, arrangements
Chris Papastephanou, Joe Milner: keyboards
Richard Elliot: Saxophone solo on 6, 9
Wilkins, Cruz Sembello, Kali Milner: backing vocals



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Not 320 CBR? That's doing this magnificent album a disservice. :(