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FLAME (US) - Flame (1992)

FLAME (US) - Flame (1992)
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It's time for some rocking waves here... this FLAME from US recorded two nice albums between the late '80s / early '90s. Their first disc appeared via a small label, a hard rocking effort with some hair metal on it.
By 1990, Flame was signed by a major label and they contributed a song for Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead OST, while the band's second album was being recorded with producer Bill Wray, a movie soundtrack specialist many times featured on this blog.

Entitled as the band's name, "Flame" is much more melodic and accessible than the previous CD.
With a sound & style typical of the 1990-92 years - read Damn Yankees, Tesla and a bit of Night Ranger, at places Flame infuse some songs with a bluesy vibe akin Great White or Tangier.
My favorite cuts are the ones with the more melodic hard rock oriented melodies and choruses, such as the very good "Don't Look Down", the punchy "Ball and Chain", the pumping "If You Had A Heart" or the midtempo ballad "Desperate Heart".

FLAME (US) - Flame (1992) back cover

A nice, very melodious US Melodic Hard Rock album, "Flame" delivers a quite 'easy to the ears' sound that, despite at places pretty hard rocking, it's always pleasant with friendly verses and choruses.

01 - Razor Blade Road (Prelude)
02 - Rain
03 - Electraglide
04 - Wild One
05 - Don't Look Down
06 - Wonderland
07 - Shelter You
08 - If You Had A Heart
09 - Never Say Die
10 - Ball And Chain
11 - Blood For Blood
12 - Desperate Heart
13 - Automatic
14 - Razor Blade Road (Reprise)

Phillip Andrew - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Billy Harvey - Guitar, Vocals
Steve Smith - Bass, Vocals
Dennis Bostok - Drums

FLAME (US) - Flame (1992)


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Don't Look Down impresses with great sound and a captivating voice which leaves me in happy anticipation about the posted album that offers even more of this appreciated stuff. Thank you, Camelblue!

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