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VAN STEPHENSON - Suspicious Heart (1986)

VAN STEPHENSON - Suspicious Heart (1986) HQ
Well, this is simple: "Suspicious Heart", VAN STEPHENSON's second album for MCA Records and his last as solo artist, is a must have in your collection too.
Despite of being recorded with almost the same personnel from the previous, including Dann Huff / Alan Pasqua and Richard Landis producing, the album - released in 1986 - has a pretty different sound.

Actually, "Suspicious Heart" is pure '80s too, but less 'rocking' than its predecessor and more AOR according to times. It's more 'elegant' I'd say.
Smooth, delicate tunes like "We're Doing Alright", the dreamy "(We Should Be) Together Tonight", the atmospheric title track or the ballad "Never Enough Night" are among the best AOR produced in the mid-Eighties.
But don't be fooled, the second half of the disc features uptempo Melodic Rock gems such as "Fist Full Of Heat" driven by Dann Huff impressive riffs and Pasqua stabbing synths, while the fun rockers "Make It Glamorous" (The Wild Life OST) and "No Secrets" (Secret Admirer OST) end the LP on uptempo form.

VAN STEPHENSON - Suspicious Heart (1986) back cover

Sumptuous, at places more energetic, but always refined, "Suspicious Heart" is a great record made by great musicians.
Yes, another essential piece in your collection.

01 - We're Doing Alright
02 - (We Should Be) Together Tonight
03 - Suspicious Heart
04 - Never Enough Night
05 - Confidentially Yours
06 - Desperate Hours
07 - Dancing With Danger
08 - Fist Full Of Heat
09 - Make It Glamourous
10 - No Secrets

Van Stephenson - vocals
Mike Baird - drums
Dennis Belfield - bass
Dann Huff - guitars
Alan Pasqua - keyboards, synthesizers
Michael Fisher - percussion
Richard Landis - percussion, keyboards, producer
Mike Landau, Waddy Wachtel, Stan Lasiter - add. guitars
Craig Krampf, Mark Hammond - add. drums
Michael Rhodes - add. bass
Richard Gibbs, Reed Nielsen, Dave Innis - add. keyboards
Tom Kelly, Tommy Funderburk - backing vocals

VAN STEPHENSON - Suspicious Heart HQ


T.P said...

...and so the circle is complete!

Thanks a million for the two still missing pieces (now no more) which helped me finishing this puzzle of an outstanding artist's creativity!

Bye for now,

Anonymous said...

Great album for sure.