Thursday, December 18, 2014

JAY GRAYDON with K-A-Z - Blazin (2003)

JAY GRAYDON with K-A-Z - Blazin (2003) full
Requested in "REQUEST & FILL CORNER" section...

This a fun request. Super talented L.A. Session god JAY GRAYDON wrote some years ago the theme song for a Japanese popular wrestler, Kenta Kobashi.
The song titled "Blazin" was recorded by Asian guitar wizard K-A-Z, but also by Graydon in California, accompanied by some other luminaries often linked with AOR sounds; keyboard player Bill Cantos, bassist Jimmy Johnson and John Keane on drums.

Used when Kobashi entered into the Pro-Wrestling NOAH arena, the various versions of the song were pressed on CD.
K-A-Z takes are really hard rocking in a Marty Friedman style, while Graydon's and his cats, as you suppose, deliver a very melodic breeze. Jay Graydon shines with a clean yet powerful valvular guitar performance, while Cantos add some synths as embellishment.

The "Blazin" EP is a cool release, many versions of the same song yes, but fun. It's almost like a 'soundtrack type' release.
The CD is a rarity, as far I know out of print and a collectors item.

01 - K-A-Z - Blazin
02 - Ryu Nakata - Ring Announce
03 - K-A-Z - Blazin (Victory Version)
04 - Kenta Kobash - Message
05 - Jay Graydon - Blazin (Original Version)
06 - Jay Graydon - Blazin (Original Long Version)

Tracks 1, 3:
K-A-Z: Guitars, Bass & Programming
Go: Drums
Tracks 5, 6:
Jay Graydon: Guitars, Keyboards, Programming
Bill Cantos: Keyboards
Jimmy Johnson : Bass
John Keane: Drums

JAY GRAYDON with K-A-Z - Blazin


T.P said...

I absolutely love this melodically rockin' tune those two guitar heroes have fabricated by making use of their outstanding musical minds!

Although the days when I was watching various Wrestling shows are actually over, I still like listening to some of the old WWE Entrance compositions, like those of Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H, just to name a few.

However, Jay Graydon's and K-A-Z's "Blazin" presented here comes along with a cool Japanese vibe which offers a little bit different but not less memorable piece of an exquisite instrumental arrangement that makes your adrenaline pump with ease...

My appreciation for this coming out of nowhere post!

Bye for now,