Monday, January 05, 2015

JOE LYNN TURNER - Soul Searcher (1985)

JOE LYNN TURNER - Soul Searcher (1985) official bootleg
Somebody requested JOE LYNN TURNER demos recorded before his debut solo album Rescue You, but how about this rare performance presenting such LP?
Taped at Paradise Theatre, Boston, MA, 12.30.1985, and entitled "Soul Searcher", this 'official bootleg' is a much sought after piece by collectors.

Featuring the same line up who recorded the terrific Rescue You, that is excellent guitar wiz Bobby Messano (Tycoon, Fiona), Al Greenwood (Foreigner), Turner's bandmate in Rainbow Chuck Burgi, and bass player Barry Dunaway (Survivor, Yngwie Malmsteen), this recording Rocks with a great vibe.
Of course we have almost the complete Rescue You songs like the wonderful AOR staple "Losing You", "On The Run", "Young Hearts" and the lovely ballad "Endlessly", but more.

JOE LYNN TURNER - Soul Searcher (1985) cd photo

JLT and his band delivers as well hot versions of Rainbow's Turner era "Stone Cold" and "Street Of Dreams" (two gems in my book), and a killer, hard rockin' cover of Buddy Miles' funk classic "Them Changes" where Bobby Messano shows how skilled is on the 6 strings offering a fantastic guitar / vocal duet with Joe.
As plus, the CD includes "Heartless", the song recorded by Turner for the Heavenly Kid soundtrack.

JOE LYNN TURNER - Soul Searcher (1985) back cover

"Soul Searcher" is much more than a 'live record', it captures a vital Joe Lynn Turner at his prime pushing his pipes, and his full-on-fire rocking band.
A collectors piece.

01 - I Found Love
02 - Losing You
03 - Soul Searcher
04 - Young Hearts
05 - Endlessly
06 - Rescue You
07 - Stone Cold
08 - Street Of Dreams
09 - Feel The Fire
10 - Guitar Solo / Good Girls
11 - Get Tough
12 - On The Run
13 - Them Changes
14 - Heartless (Heavenly Kid OST) [bonus]

Joe Lynn Turner - vocals
Bobby Messano - guitar, background vocals
Alan Greenwood - keyboards
Barry Dunaway - bass
Chuck Burgi - drums

JOE LYNN TURNER - Soul Searcher official bootleg


T.P said...

To say I just like Joe Lynn Turner since my early AOR days wouldn't do justice to this artist, as it's more than that! :-) So I was very happy when you came up out of the blue with this bootleg of a sweeping live performance which puts a different complexion on all my favourite JLT studio recorded songs. It's a real outstanding piece of a rare gem, and the fact that it appears at your blog shows once more how essential your incredibly passionate work feels to us followers. Cordial thanks!

Bye for now,

Camelblue said...

Thanks for your endless comments Thomas!

T.P said...

Not at all, Camelblue, the pleasure is entirely mine! :-)