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LAST TEMPTATION - Better Late Than Never (1989)

LAST TEMPTATION - Better Late Than Never (1989)
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Sometimes you read an essay book and it reflects exactly what you were thinking about a particular theme. Same happens with CD reviews.
So in this case I will reproduce the critic of "Better Late Than Never", the requested record by LAST TEMPTATION:
"After the successful release of Marcello / Vestry in 2008 (one the best Melodic Hard Rock CDs from that decade), vocalist Frank Vestry resurrected the only album from his old band Last Temptation, entitled "Better Late Than Never".
This 'new' album contains tracks originally recorded back in 1989, and listening to it raises the question; how did people miss out on this band back then?

This CD contains everything that was popular in the late '80s - the big-hooks, strong melodies and memorable choruses.
If one were to teach a college course on the sounds needed to achieve massive success during Rock's late Eighties domination, all they would have to do is present this album to the class.
And twenty years later these songs still sound great, sure it's a step back in time, but doesn't sound dated at all.

LAST TEMPTATION - Better Late Than Never (1989) inside

What do you get while listening to "Better Late Than Never"? I hear traces of bands such as Hurricane, Tesla, Y&T, Flame, US Whitesnake and many more - in other words a mixture of what made the US Melodic Hard Rock / Hair revolution so great.
This is one of those discs in which you can play any track and find a winner, but the stand-outs for me are "Break It", the title-track, "Without Love", "Oh So Easy", "Save Me" and "Ice Queen". But like I said, you can't go wrong with any of the ten tracks here, they are all exceptional slabs of melodic hair metal.

LAST TEMPTATION - Better Late Than Never (1989) back cover

"Better Late Than Never" is an appropriate title, as this shouldn't have taken twenty years to properly release. You also can't help but wonder how successful Last Temptation would have been with the right push back in the day, because these guys had everything that made others multi-platinum success stories. (written by Skid)
Indeed, a wonderful slice of classic American Melodic Hard Rock.

01 - Break It
02 - Last Temptation
03 - Catch Me Now I'm Falling
04 - Without Love
05 - Oh So Easy
06 - Emotions
07 - Sailin Away (Northern Winds)
08 - Save Me
09 - Next To You
10 - Queen Of Ice

Frank Vestry - Vocals
Arnie Miot - Guitars
Steve Hervatic - Bass
Allan Gabay - Keyboards
Steve Murphy - Drums, Backing Vocals
Jeff Cropper - Drums

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T.P said...

Although these remarkable songs had been slept for more than two and a half decades by now, they didn't lose any of their power and fascination to the interested listener.

So it was a more than worthy decision to catch these songs from an almost forgotten shelf of lost treasures for making it accessible to a gentle audience of who I think is grateful for this impressive release; and which, by the way, comes along with an album title that hits the bull's eye, indeed! :-)

Bye for now,

Anonymous said...

Thank you. really great music...