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HEART - Brigade [Deluxe Japanese 2CD Package] (1991)

HEART - Brigade [Deluxe Japanese 2CD Package] (1991)
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What else can be said about HEART? The Wilson sisters' band is the greatest female fronted Melodic Hard Rock act ever.
Like its two predecessors, their 1990 album "Brigade" was a commercial smash, reaching number 2 on the Billboard Album Chart and delivering another wonderful slice of slick Melodic Rock / AOR / rock&pop.

Including songs penned / co-penned by the likes of Robert John "Mutt" Lange, Holly Knight, Sammy Hagar, Diane Warren or the fantastic AOR factory of Tom Kelly / Billy Steinberg plus Richie Zito's out-of-this-world production, and you have a winner.
On songs like "Stranded", "Secret", "I Want Your World to Turn", the rocking "Tall, Dark Handsome Stranger" or the mega-hit "All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You", female-Rock vocals do not get any better.
Although my favorite Heart albums are the previous 'Bad Animals' and 1985s 'Heart', in my opinion "Brigade" features the best Ann Wilson vocal performances of her career.

HEART - Brigade [Deluxe Japanese 2CD Package] (1991) discs photo

This out of print "Brigade [Deluxe Japanese 2CD Package]" came out in 1991, packed in velvet-textured slipcase, and with a bonus CD including 3 bonus tracks. And these songs worth your attention, believe me.
You have the awesome AOR of "Cruel Tears" co-written with Mark Spiro, the super ballad "(I'll) Never Stop Loving You" penned by AOR stalwarts David Cassidy / John Wetton, and the midtempo "The Will to Love", again from the Tom Kelly / Billy Steinberg pen.

HEART - Brigade [Deluxe Japanese 2CD Package] (1991) back

"Brigade" is a must have in your Melodic Rock / AOR collection, and this Deluxe Japanese 2CD Package, even more.

01 - Wild Child
02 - All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You
03 - Secret
04 - Tall, Dark Handsome Stranger
05 - I Didn't Want To Need You
06 - The Night
07 - Fallen From Grace
08 - Under The Sky
09 - Cruel Nights
10 - Stranded
11 - Call Of The Wild
12 - I Want Your World To Turn
13 - I Love You
14 - Cruel Tears (bonus track)
15 - Never Stop Loving You (bonus track)
16 - The Will To Love (bonus track)

Ann Wilson - lead and backing vocals
Nancy Wilson - lead and backing vocals, guitars
Howard Leese - guitar, keyboards, mandolin, backing vocals
Mark Andes - bass, backing vocals
Denny Carmassi - drums
Kim Bullard - keyboards
Richie Zito - add. guitar, producer

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T.P said...

While I also started appreciating Heart by having listened to their first two albums, your posted Japanese Deluxe Edition of Brigade is a worthy follow-up for any aficionado who is fired up for more Heart-y stuff, performed by the Mother of all female fronted rock bands, so to say.

In terms of the bonus tracks, I'd go for The Will To Love as my favourite track among those three exclusive ones. By the way, that delightful song can be found in Robin Beck's discography as well; though I personally think that the account by Heart brings more expressive power to the listeners' ears. But then again, it's tough to beat such a top-notch performance like that of Ann Wilson seen here!

Bye for now,

JC_AOR said...

A favourite album of mine and I am grateful to you Camel for bringing us this 2CD edition. The bonus tracks are great (-:
Thank you. JC

idesdemars said...

Cher recorded "I'll never stop loving you" the same year for her Love Hurts album. Also, I thought "The will to love" sounded familiar (I didn't know Robin Beck recorded it until now). It turned out I heard the french version of the song called "Perdue l'envie d'aimer" (Lost the will to love) by Quebecois singer Mario Pelchat.

Rosbelio Bones said...

Mude o link pois a corujinha não deixa baixar