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ADDICTION - Get Hooked (1985)

ADDICTION - Get Hooked (1985)
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Here comes a rarity, the only album by the San Francisco quartet ADDICTION entitled "Get Hooked", released by themselves in 1985.
Seems ADDICTION toured the Bay Area circuit and opened for the likes of The Tubes, Quiet Riot, The Outfield and others, but never got a major record contract, so the band founded their own label Independent Records.
This mini-LP is indeed an indie recording, produced by themselves but engineered by Gary Lyons (Aerosmith, Foreigner) so expect more than a decent sound.

Soundwise, "Get Hooked" is a mixed bag. Opener "Shadow Dancer" it's a quite poppy, radio friendly commercial tune including electric drums, not far to the aforementioned The Outfield early works.
"Talk To You" is a good, cool keyboard-driven AOR track with a catchy chorus. The synth sound and style (as on the entire record) is very classy, with a parping approach.

"Desire" is a midtempo with some Gregg Giuffria's Angel on it, "Nostalgia" adds some atmospheres in the vein of Day One (a band already featured here on the blog), while "Insanity" is the hardest track with muscular guitar riffs akin Cinema Face.
"Beware of the Wizard" has some light progressive touches, a slow tune with a pretty early '80s sound, then on "Radio Beat" I was expecting and commercial tune, instead it's some kind of a poppy track with broken drums and riffs.

ADDICTION - Get Hooked (1985) back cover

As you see, there's mixed styles on "Get Hooked", with Addiction trying to resume their abilities into different arrangements. They are successful for the most part, but unfortunately the group disbanded soon and there was not opportunity to hear what would have been Addiction's next musical step.
Audio restored by me. Rare.

1 - Shadow Dancer
2 - Talk to You
3 - Desire
4 - Nostalgia
5 - Insanity
6 - Beware of the Wizard
7 - Radio Beat

Geno Orphanopoulos – Vocals, Bass
Dave Palladino – Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Kip Rich – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Joe Cuneo – Drums, Backing Vocals

ADDICTION - Get Hooked (1985)


Dixon "White" House said...

Super! thanxxxxx

Alberto said...

Camelblue, thank you so much for this enjoyable "flashback". I had this LP in my collection. I bought it in a L.A. record store called "Where the records gone to die", not being quite sure of what I was getting inside that kitsch album cover. Unfortunatelly I sold it in a "clearance madness" of my collection and I just kept a cassette back-up. I just don't remember when I played it the last time... :)

Again, thanks for this unexpected gift full of nice and "teen" memories for me :)