Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Music For Nations Presents: STRIKTLY FOR KONNOISSEURS - LP 2

Music For Nations Presents: STRIKTLY FOR KONNOISSEURS - LP 2 front
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And here it is "Striktly For Konnoisseurs" second LP.
In the '80s, Kerrang! Magazine was 'the one' you needed to check to be updated if Hard Rock / AOR / Heavy Metal was your thing. Their journalists in conjuction with the recently founded (and now legendary) Music For Nations label, compiled songs from American / Canadian bands that were pretty unknown at the moment and released a double-LP album under the title "Striktly For Konnoisseurs".
Despite its 'Germanic' title the vinyl was intended for the British audience, and only was pressed & published in UK.

You have here great tracks mostly taken from the first albums (late '70s / early '80s) of bands that later become pretty successful, like Legs Diamond, Angel (turned Giuffria), Wrabit, etc, besides wonderful cuts from acts that deserved to be huge such as Trillion, 707, Balance, and more.
Many of these albums were already reissued on CD some time ago, but others will remain forever into oblivion as the Reggie Knighton Band, Marcus or the awesome Mayday.
However, I have preserved the original full vinyl-rip because some tracks seems to be featured with a different mix, or, as happens with Canadian hard rockers Moxy's "Another Time Another Place", it's an exclusive version for this compilation.

Music For Nations Presents: STRIKTLY FOR KONNOISSEURS - LP 2 back

I took notice of "Striktly For Konnoisseurs" some years ago thanks to a great collector (and frequent visitor of this blog) Mr. Homer64, who provided me a copy.
This is a new vinyl-rip, done by an English friend of mine and restored / cleaned / enhanced by me.
A true collectors piece.

LP 2

01 - Teri Desario - Caught
02 - Rex - Trouble
03 - Mayday - So Young So Bad
04 - Trigger - Gimme Your Love
05 - The Boyzz - Too Wild To Tame
06 - Ram Jam - Gone Wild
07 - Joe Perry - Let The Music Do The Talkin'
08 - Angel - The Tower
09 - Starz - Live Wire
10 - Reggie Knighton - The King
11 - Trillion - Give Me Your Money
12 - Max Webster - Oh War
13 - Starcastle - Wings Of White



T.P said...

For all those fanciers among us who appreciate an elite of finest songs that our beloved music genre came up with until 1984 when this fantastic 2-LP set was released, the presented here original (which comes with enhanced sound quality) is intended for a very long lasting, delightful listening pleasure, indeed!

Especially for guys and gals who discovered the stunning vibes of AOR for themselves just as of recently, I think Striktly For Konnoisseurs offers a wide spectrum of both - classic and rare - songs which shouldn't be missed since they take you on a wild ride deeper into the subject and makes you sigh for longing and passion in terms of the provided tracks!

So I'm raising my hat to the persons involved in this impressive job, an 'international co-production' between you, Camelblue, and your English friend.

Thanks for another 'not want to miss'!

Bye for now,

Homer64 said...

Great post Camel.
This was a smashing introduction to the great Pomp/ genre for me back when it was released.
Great job with the vinyl restore.
Give my regards to the ripper :)

Alberto said...

It took a little bit time since that day, but finally you got it and what a great job you've done! No more to say Camelblue, just once more, THANK YOU; THANK YOU Homer64 and to your english friend for making this dream come true. WELL DONE GUYS.

Camelblue said...

He doesn't want to be credited, but thanks Ian!

Big D said...

I've been wanting a digital copy of this for ages, having practically worn out my much-loved vinyl.

Many thanks.